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Wednesday 08 October 2008

 Pan Pacific HIV conference 'eye-opening and inspirational'
Posted in: HIV  6th September 2008
HIV+ people, educators and support workers from around the Pacific gathered in Auckland last week to discuss the realities of HIV in this part of the world.

 Lessons from the Olympics
Posted in: Features, Living Well  30th August 2008's fitness trainer enjoyed watching the Olympics – and not just because it was a chance to see lovely bodies in very little clothing.

 Sticky Keyboards
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Safe Sex  29th August 2008
All those websites, all those hot profiles to explore! But what happens to us and our social lives when we interact so much online?

 Book review: The Wisdom of Whores
Posted in: HIV, Blogger Zone  26th August 2008
In her new book, journalist and epidemiologist Elizabeth Pisani writes about HIV/AIDS prevention in Third World sex work.

 "Hi, my name's Michael & I'm a diseased pariah"
Posted in: Safe Sex, Blogger Zone  15th August 2008
It happened again. He found a guy online, chatted a bit, got on well, and agreed on safe sex. Then he said he was HIV+...

 Fitness for Frequent Flyers
Posted in: Features, Living Well  13th August 2008
Got the kind of job where you're up in the air a lot? Our personal trainer has some quick fitness tips for jetsetters.

 Foreskins inside out
Posted in: Features, Safe Sex  1st August 2008
Guys – are you cut or uncut? And does it really matter? Mark Farnworth does some research.

 The Joy of Running
Posted in: Features, Living Well  21st July 2008's fitness trainer says running's a bit like sex – you'll be left exhausted, but with a smile on your face...

 A workout fit for a drag queen!
Posted in: Features, Living Well  7th July 2008
Calling all drag divas… Be the best 'cock in a frock' you can be with our fitness guru's workout tips for trannies!

 The British Debate on Barebacking
Posted in: Safe Sex  6th July 2008
In NZ, the Prostitution Reform Act ensures sex workers use condoms during vaginal or anal sex... but in the UK, gay male porn stars can get a 'raw deal'.

 NZ is advocating human rights to fight HIV
Posted in: HIV  29th June 2008
Nations struggling against HIV epidemics are at least listening to New Zealand's advice, but will they follow through?

 "Eliminate stigma and discrimination" - the Mallard speech
Posted in: HIV  29th June 2008
Cabinet Minister Trevor Mallard's speech on human rights and HIV prevention, to the UN General Assembly on HIV/AIDS.

 Fitness dramas at the Good Morning studio!
Posted in: Television, Living Well  19th June 2008
Steve Gray's TV fitness trainer says his push-ups are looking awesome, muscles are even popping up… but what can she do to improve his abs?

 How strange life gets
Posted in: HIV, Blogger Zone  8th June 2008
"He asked me if I was OK. I said 'I'm fine thanks'. There was a slight sort of pause, then I said, 'Well, apart from the AIDS thingy'."

 "And in just 7 days I can make you a man!"
Posted in: Features, Living Well  27th May 2008's personal trainer shares some exercise hints to help gay gym-goers tone up. Work it guys!