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Wednesday 08 October 2008

 Tony & Nic's Civil Union
Posted in: Civil Unions  1st July 2008
This Chch couple were united in the Botanic Gardens earlier this year, on a special day which included a picnic under the trees with family and friends.

 Alburta and Tina: New Zealand's 1,000th Civil Union
Posted in: Civil Unions  5th October 2007
"It was the second happiest night of our lives. The first was when we got together."

 Two special Civil Union portraits
Posted in: Civil Unions  12th January 2007
Two happy couples celebrated their unions - one at Vinegar Hill, and one at Christchurch’s Propaganda Bar. They share their stories and pictures with us.

 Martin & Mark
Posted in: Civil Unions  2nd April 2006
While Martin's family embraced their union, the reaction from Mark's family was "quite horrific, and quite traumatic to be honest... a bridge too far"

 Tor and Barb
Posted in: Civil Unions  26th March 2006
Tor and Barb have been together seven years and live in Dunedin with their two sons. They combined their civil union with a naming ceremony for their children.

 Steve and Steve
Posted in: Civil Unions  26th February 2006
The difference between a family's reactions to 'marriage' breakup and 'relationship' breakup is part of the background to this Christchurch civil union.

 Claire and Carol
Posted in: Civil Unions  19th February 2006
Auckland couple Claire (40) and Carol (56) have been together for nearly seventeen years. They held their civil union at home with family over the Christmas/New Year break.

 Daniel and William
Posted in: Civil Unions  12th February 2006
Ex-pat Kiwi William and his partner Daniel believe so strongly in the institution of marriage that they did it twice with a civil union in Paris, where they live, and a marriage in Vancouver.

 Doreen and Lindsey
Posted in: Civil Unions  5th February 2006
They've already been a couple for 20 years, but Doreen and Lindsey still found their special day to be an emotional one.

 AJ and Thomas
Posted in: Civil Unions  29th January 2006
Church? Bible readings? Vows? Dressy or casual? Here's how two 20-somethings dealt with the issues and decisions surroundng their ceremony.

 “Happy, just so, so happy!” John & Des unite
Posted in: Civil Unions  4th May 2005
If you couldn't be there for the Sunday Civil Union ceremony of the CU poster boys, Des Smith and John Jolliff, reporter Robyn Paterson was your eyes and ears!

 Planning your own Big Day Out: a guide to the guides
Posted in: Books, Civil Unions  26th April 2005
A guide to books available to assist us when planning ceremonies to formalise and celebrate our relationships.