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Wednesday 08 October 2008

 Tracking down Mates and Lovers - Pt2
Posted in: Books  2nd July 2008
Historian Chris Brickell contrasts public and private notions of homosexual life, describes changing gay culture and clarifies our historical record.

 Review: Why you should read 'Mates & Lovers'
Posted in: Books  29th June 2008
A breath-taking achievement, Chris Brickell's History of Gay New Zealand reveals more than we have ever known about gay men's lives before us.

 Tracking down Mates and Lovers - Pt1
Posted in: Books  28th June 2008
Historian, sociologist and author Chris Brickell discusses how he embarked on the most comprehensive history of male homosexuality in NZ.

 Review: Mates & Lovers - A History of Gay New Zealand
Posted in: Books  26th June 2008
Going where no man has gone before, Chris Brickell has managed to pull together a comprehensive review of 170 years of gay male history.

 Review: Best Gay Romance 2008
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Books  1st June 2008
Unlike the gay erotica genre, gay romance books contain tales of 'hot monogamy', and even deal with the reality of gay male ageing, writes Craig Young.

 Boobs, All Blacks and The End of the World
Posted in: Books  6th April 2008
Outspoken gay British author Duncan Fallowell urges the All Blacks to deliver on their bisexuality and predicts the end of the world as we know it.

 Sex and the New Zealanders
Posted in: Books  30th March 2008
"My book is a love letter to NZ - it's not a sex letter. And therefore it contains elements of conflict and discomfort," says British author Duncan Fallowell.

 Buffy & Bimbo invade America with Kiwi cuisine
Posted in: Books  10th March 2008
New Zealand's premier drag 'twins' will feature in a new American Drag Cookbook, providing recipes with a Kiwi twist.

 Book Reviews: Fallowell, Bennett and Clary
Posted in: Books  26th February 2008
Duncan Fallowell understands us better than some will admit, Alan Bennett gets a little subversive and Julian Clary illustrates the dark underbelly of celebrity.

 The Best Queer Reads of 2007
Posted in: Books  9th January 2008
Literary detective Claire Gummer reveals her favourite books of the past year.