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Wednesday 08 October 2008

 Meet Aku Hammond – Mr. Gay Auckland 2008
Posted in: Hall of Fame  3rd October 2008
Auckland already has its Sky Tower – but at 6'8" tall, the new Mr. Gay Auckland is now the Queen City's official 'Gay Tower'.

 Cheers to the volunteers!
Posted in: Community  30th September 2008
So much of what we take for granted in our communities only happens through the hard work of willing volunteers – but are they a dying breed?

 Advice to a young gay man
Posted in: True Stories  26th September 2008
Michael Stevens wonders what sort of advice he'd give to a young man coming out in today's world.

 Banking on romance at work
Posted in: Family Matters  13th September 2008
A bank manager is wondering if he should take things a little further with a young employee. Our panel says: "Don't screw the crew!"

 Meet singing star Cindy of Samoa
Posted in: Hall of Fame  31st August 2008
Family bar's Cindy chats candidly about her life's best moment, her favourite things, and her terrifying recent car smash.

 Planning Auckland's new LGBT Centre
Posted in: Community  21st August 2008
A report for Auckland City Council recently showed NZ's gayest city needs a new LGBT Community HQ. So what happens now?

 Getting a job? Sexual orientation should be a non-issue
Posted in: Community  17th August 2008
Can potential employers ask you about your sexual orientation? No, says a new guide from the Human Rights Commission.

 Gay Ski Week's Mike Sanford
Posted in: Hall of Fame  7th August 2008
Born in NZ but now resident in Sydney, Mike brings us Gay Ski Week each year, and now Kiwi 'Fag Tag' events. We got to know him a little better.

 TV doco director/producer Deb Faith
Posted in: Hall of Fame  30th July 2008
With 30 years' experience as a camera operator capturing countless LGBT stories, Deb Faith is ready to roll as a Director/Producer for Triangle TV.

 Where's the strangest place you've had sex?
Posted in: True Stories  26th July 2008
Ten gay, lesbian and bi New Zealanders share their risqué stories of great sex in unexpected places.

 Teachers speak: "Our fears for gay students"
Posted in: Community  25th July 2008
Are our LGBT young people safe in school? The Minister of Education has announced new measures to combat bullying, but will they work?

 Tough times for Rainbow Wellington
Posted in: Community  22nd July 2008
The capital's LGBT network is busier than ever with activities and events, but money is tight and membership numbers are down. Why?

 A 3am shut-down for K' Road?
Posted in: Community  11th July 2008
Auckland's gay hotspots would be forced to close at 3am every night if a Police plan to get tough on violent crime is accepted by the council.

 Joseph's new cocktail-mixing contraption
Posted in: True Stories  5th July 2008
Gay Aucklander Joseph Herscher's complicated new machine makes a yummy cocktail called a Falling Water.

 Tony & Nic's Civil Union
Posted in: Civil Unions  1st July 2008
This Chch couple were united in the Botanic Gardens earlier this year, on a special day which included a picnic under the trees with family and friends.