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Mr Gay Waikato 2008 @ Shine

Congrats to the new Mr. Gay Waikato, 18-year-old Shane Pilkington, who recieved a prize pack
including a $500 bar tab! Now that's a result! Photos by Borche Citkusev.

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3s_a .jpg
Blonds have more _ _ _ _.jpg
Blonds have more _ _ _ _
Cute as.jpg
Cute as
Fuchia Fronts It.jpg
Fuchia Fronts It
Horny eh.JPG
Horny eh
It stood right up.jpg
It stood right up
Kissing it.JPG
Kissing it
Late night cuties.jpg
Late night cuties
Miss Ford.JPG
Miss Ford
My Mans a Winner.jpg
My Mans a Winner
My tits dropped where.jpg
My tits dropped where
Sweet a.jpg
Sweet a
Vaudur cracks UP.jpg
Vaudur cracks UP
We were winners once.jpg
We were winners once
When Easter.jpg
When Easter
Wheres the beach.jpg
Wheres the beach
Wheres Wally.jpg
Wheres Wally
Whos the angel.jpg
Whos the angel
Winners Circle.jpg
Winners Circle
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