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Wednesday 08 October 2008

Proclamations of the Red Queen

2nd October 2008

Canada: The Peculiar and Profane Mr Popescu

Posted by: Craig Young

Following an incident when a wingnut threw a bible at poor old George Hawkins, Labour MP for Manurewa, at a meeting at the Manurewa Baptist Church, I spotted a piece on a certain other ‘committed’ fundamentalist Christian. His name is David Popescu, and he is a professional candidate for Sudbury elections in Ontario, Canada.

He is currently running in Canada’s present federal election as an independent candidate. His objective is not to win votes, but to harangue anyone unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity about the evils of Canada from the sectarian perspective of fundamentalist Christianity. Gambling, smut, the absence of Sunday observance, contemporary music, dragon boat races (Hi, Calum!) and …yes, us…are events that will draw down Gard’s wrath on the True North. In fact, we ’should’ be put to death, as we were in the Sodom and Gomorrah myth, according to one of his recorded tirades.

There’s a darker side to this fellow, though. He was arrested and convicted of hitting his elderly mum, enough to leave a bruise on her arm. He alleges that it was only a ‘light swat,’ which euphemism we’ve heard before in the context of fundamentalist Christian pro-belting apologists here. Moreover, he had a history of violence toward her, and had been sole carer since his dad died in 1969. It was a suspended sentence, and he’s worked part time at the Salvation Army ever since (hopefully not with elderly female clients, one hopes. Elder abuse is elder abuse).

On September 29, Popescu delivered a rant at a high school in Sudbury and repeated his ravings. This time, irate teachers and staff posted it on Youtube, and the Greater Sudbury Police Service are investigating these repeated instances of hate speech. Ontario’s Crown Prosecutor and the federal Attorney-General will then be consulted.

What a disgusting creature. He should’ve had the book thrown at him when he beat up his elderly mother. Elder abuse is a violent crime, and should not be tolerated in any civilised society.


“Sudbury police investigate candidate over gay comments:” Canada.Com: 29.09.08:

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