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Wednesday 08 October 2008

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25th September 2008

Peaches at the Powerstation

Posted by: Kitten Power

Peaches, The Powerstation, Auckland, September 24


There is only one word that can aptly describe a Peaches show.  Hot.  The woman just oozes sex. 

The first lady of bisexuality, born in Canada with the unlikely name Merrill Nisker, started the show by demanding complete darkness.  When the lights hit she was revealed balancing on the drumkit wearing what looked like a giant pink puffy pumpkin and shouting “Guess Who?!”

Peaches out belted out a bevvy of new electro-pumped songs, with the highlight being a gorgeous 80s’ tastic ballad.  Someone at the front must have told her the tune was civilised, as she shouted back “I’m naked and you can see my pussy hair, what’s civilised about that?”

The Powerstation concert was at least her third visit to New Zealand so far, following two pumped up Big Day Out shows, the most recent in 2007 where she had the backing of dream girl power band The Herms, who were JD Samson (Le Tigre), Samantha Maloney (Hole) and Radio Sloan (The Need).

The band this time was Sweet Machine, two hairy guys and a hot girl from Germany.  Compared to the riled up antics of The Herms these guys seemed like they were almost asleep onstage . . . one of the guys did don a wig and fill in as Iggy Pop for Kick It, but the rest of the time it was almost as if Peaches was on stage by herself. 

There were costume changes galore, with a tight body suit giving almost the appearance of nudity as Peaches went from pumpkin, to court jester, to her pink sweaty hot pants look.


Early on in the show she climbed speaker stacks and clambered her way up to the upper level of the venue, running through fans and stopping to shout and sing before finding her way back down to the stage.

The already eager crowd really hyped up when she whipped out Boys Wanna Be Her, with mohawked-girl couples bumping and grinding and making out across the floor.  In fact, guys were almost an endangered species at the show, as exemplified by the insanely long queues for the women’s toilets (yes, of course many chose just to sneak into the guy’s rooms).

During Lovertits a pile of girls invaded the stage and the surrounded Peaches in a dance-orgy, with her joking she was going to stop the show and have sex with them all right there.

Peaches wrapped up the show with Rock Show and my personal favourite, the shrieking You Love It, proving she has all the pipes of Joan Jett, who is the featured screamer in the album version.

As the crowd wandered out into the chilly Auckland night, I couldn’t help but wonder whether the girl who threw Peaches her shirt had a jacket or something to wear home.  It has all the hallmarks of the title for a new Peaches song . . . Biting Cold Nipples . . . anyone?

Peaches plays a sold-out show at the San Francisco Bath House in Wellington tonight.

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