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Wednesday 08 October 2008

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7th August 2008

Sigur Ros - happier, but no less beautiful

Posted by: Kitten Power

Sigur Ros: Med sud I eyrum vid spilum endalaust (With a Buzz in Our Ears We Play Endlessly)

When I listen to previous Sigur Ros albums I feel I’m gently submerging deeper and deeper underwater.  This new album is more like a flying trip up to the clouds, then a slow drift back down again.

Med sud I eyrum vid spilum endalaust is the fifth album from the Icelandic band, led by openly gay lead singer Jonsi Birgisson. 

Here, Sigur Ros retain the ethereal beauty that has won the hearts of fans worldwide.  However they also feel lighter, more fun and free spirited.

The happy first single Gobbledigook has been jumping in my headphones since it was released free online a few months ago.  Its spirited drum beats make Sigur Ros almost danceable (clip contains nudity):

The vast track seven Ara Batur begins gently, with just Jonsi’s gorgeously forlorn voice accompanied by piano.  It grows to include 90 people, including the London Sinfonietta and London Oratory Boys’ Choir, becoming a masterpiece on a grand scale.

The second half of the album slows and becomes more classical, finishing with a track entirely sung in English, All Alright, but it still doesn’t sound too much like English, making it all the more mysterious.

Recommended listening for herbalists, escapists and appreciators of beauty!

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