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Wednesday 08 October 2008

 Buckwheat becomes a work of art
Posted in: Television  6th October 2008
Drag icon Buckwheat gets star treatment this week when artist Stephen 'Marty' Welch paints her picture in a new TVNZ6 show.

 Mika Haka Kids: Sweat, tears & lime-green tights
Posted in: Television  29th September 2008
A new Maori TV documentary shows how Mika took a bunch of teenagers from shopping malls to world stages. Quick Quiz: The TV shows
Posted in: Television  18th September 2008
Ten quick questions to test your knowledge about gays on telly. How many you can answer correctly?

 What's up with NZ's gay media?
Posted in: Television  4th September 2008
TVNZ's Media7 tackles the topic of gay media with panelists Douglas Jenkin, Johnny Givins and Jay Bennie.

 Welcome to Torchwood
Posted in: Television  8th July 2008
From the creator of Queer as Folk, TV2's new drama follows the adventures of a team of supernatural investigators lead by the pansexual Captain Jack.

 The Art of Lesbian Television Viewing
Posted in: Television  23rd June 2008
The joys of watching television are many-fold for the lesbian viewer, finds Doreen Agassiz-Suddens.

 Fitness dramas at the Good Morning studio!
Posted in: Television, Living Well  19th June 2008
Steve Gray's TV fitness trainer says his push-ups are looking awesome, muscles are even popping up… but what can she do to improve his abs?

 Addicted to The L Word
Posted in: Television  31st May 2008
Kitten Power just can't stop watching Californian dyke drama The L Word, even though it contains the most annoying TV character since Fran Fine…

 Being Gerald: Shortland St's Harry McNaughton
Posted in: Television  8th May 2008
"Gerald's a really interesting character to play. But he's not necessarily gay, as we're about to find out…"

 Shortland St strips for 7pm same-sex shocker
Posted in: Television  1st May 2008
Last night's episode of New Zealand's nightly soap was so gay, TVNZ's censors wanted it edited. Here's our blow-by-blow recap.