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Wednesday 08 October 2008

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11th September 2008

“Two yodelling lesbians from Huntly” join Hall of Fame

Posted by: Kitten Power

topptwins.jpgCamp Mother and Camp Leader have been inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame.

Jools and Lynda Topp received the honour at the Silver Scroll Awards in Auckland last night. They are just the third act to be inducted, following Jordan Luck and Johnny Devlin last year.

APRA director Ant Healey introduced the award for the twins, outlining their busking, comedic and protesting history, saying New Zealanders, whatever their politics, fell in love with them. He described the twins as perhaps the most unlikely stars in New Zealand music history - “two yodelling lesbians from Huntly.”

Jools and Lynda were met with a standing ovation as they took to the stage to accept the induction. Jools took the microphone first, saying they had guessed they would be honoured after being told they had to be at the ceremony.  She told they crowd she and her sister were asked what characters they would play, and replied ”oh it’s going to be really easy, we’re just going to be 50-year-old lesbians . . . that’s a pretty easy character to play because that’s us.”

Jools said they have had a sensational career from the word go.  She said Lynda is her best friend and while they have had their ups and downs in the last couple of years, they have pulled through and now feel like they are now in a second coming.  Jools has battled through breast cancer, which she was diagnosed with in 2006.

“Thank you very much, you are our audience, you’ve been beautiful the whole time we’ve been out there performing and it’s just been an absolute sheer joy and it ain’t over yet.”

Lynda paid tribute to their longtime manager Arani Cuthbert, saying they would not exist without her. “We reckon that she could probably do the show if one of us got sick, she’s seen it so many times.”

The twins said they were planning to celebrate with their partners in Auckland last night. They say they are looking forward to their documentary being released next year.

Prime Minister Helen Clark described the twins as “truly authentic Kiwi girls”. She also paid tribute to Mahinarangi Tocker, who was honoured at the opening of the show, saying “the late Mahinarangi Tocker, so tragically taken from us - and so talented. I acknowledge and esteem her.”

The emotional tribute to Tocker included a performance of her song Forever, featuring a string quartet, a school choir and the singers Shona Laing and Hinewehi Mohi. Two screens depicting Tocker with her fist raised in the air as she was performing at WOMAD guarded the stage. The crowd stood and clapped as the piece ended, with some audience members wiping tears from their eyes.

Anika Moa was a finalist in the Silver Scroll Award for her lovestruck tune Dreams in My Head, but the prize was won by Opshop for One Day.

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