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Working papers

The Working Papers Series is a companion publication series to the Commission's occasional papers. However, there are several key distinctions between the two series. Occasional papers represent an agreed State Services Commission view (at a particular point in time). As such, occasional papers published are credited to the Commission. Working papers, however, often originate from earlier internal discussion documents prepared as part of the development of policy advice. The Commission view may differ in substance or extent from that contained in these initial internal discussion documents. Therefore working papers are credited to the individual author(s).

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Whither Accountability? 30/9/2003

Working Paper 18. Authors Bruce Anderson and Lynne Dovey. State Services Commission, September 2003. ISBN 0-478-24435-5. This paper looks at issues with future accountability arrangements in the light of changes currently being made to the New Zealand system of public ...

Post-NPM Themes in Public Sector Governance 30/9/2003

Working Paper 17. Author Gambhir Bhatta. State Services Commission, September 2003. ISBN 0-478-24434-7. This paper looks at three particular phenomena in evidence in the post-New Public Management (NPM) public sector environment, and seeks to find a convergence point among them that ...

Achieving Better Social Outcomes in New Zealand Through Collaboration: Perspectives from the United States 30/9/2003

Working Paper 16. Author Lynne Dovey. State Services Commission, September 2003. ISBN 0-478-24433-9. This paper examines the topic of improving social outcomes in New Zealand through collaboration between government and communities where children, young people and families are at ...

The Gender Pay Gap in the New Zealand Public Service 19/7/2002

Working Paper No 15. Author, Michelle Gosse. State Services Commission, July 2002.

This paper examines the issue of gender pay gap in the New Zealand Public Service. Using data obtained from the Human Resources Capability Survey, the paper concludes that while on ...

Retirement Savings Schemes for Government Employees: A Brief Preliminary Review of Some Key Issues 18/7/2002

Working Paper No 14. Author Michael Hyndman.

In light of current thinking on retirement savings for State sector employees, this paper looks at the key issues that such an approach would be likely to raise for the government as employer...

Note: Publication of the Working ...

A Cross-Jurisdictional Scan of Practices in Senior Public Services: Implications for New Zealand 28/8/2001

Working Paper No.13. Author. Gambhir Bhatta.

The paper looks at the broader dimension of management development and focuses on the senior public services of various jurisdictions. From this international scan, it draws lessons on senior management development for New Zealand. Note: ...

A Framework for Measuring Training and Development in the State Sector 28/8/2001

Working Paper No.12. Author. Robyn Rendall*.

This paper focuses on the key issue of measuring training and development (T&D) in government agencies. The author reviews relevant literature on this subject and proposes a framework that comprises a hierarchy of linked components ranging ...

Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Mainstream Supported Employment Programme 1998 28/8/2000

Working Paper No.11. Author. Sarah James when a student on placement with the State Services Commission. August 2000.

Overall, this cost-benefit analysis indicates positive results from the programme for all parties involved, from both economic and financial perspectives. ...

Mainstream in Context 28/8/2000

Working Paper No.10. Author. Pam Crothall, Programme Manager, Mainstream Employment Programme. August 2000.

A paper prepared as part of academic study, and made available to coincide with a presentation by the author to an international congress on "Work and Employment ...

Declining Government Performance? Why Citizens Don't Trust Government 1/5/2000

Working Paper No.9. Authors: Cheryl Barnes & Derek Gill, February 2000.

In 1964, 75% of the American public believed they could trust their government to do the right thing most of the time - by 1995 only 15% did so. New Zealand studies reflect a similar trend. In 1985, 8.5% ...

Strategic Social Policy Advice: Improving the Information Base 1/5/2000

Working Paper No. 8. Author. Dr Janice C. Wright, October 1999.

This paper was prepared for the State Services Commission as part of work on improving strategic social policy advice. It sets out the requirements for an information base for strategic social policy, and describes ...

Building Advice: The Craft of the Policy Professional, 1/5/2000

Working Paper No. 7. Author. Dr Amanda Wolf, September 1999.

This paper focuses on new ideas about, and orientations to, the craft of policy analysis and the production of high quality advice. Recent and seminal works in the policy field, mostly academic, are reviewed ...

Barriers to Women's Career Progression: A Review of the Literature 28/2/2000

Working Paper No. 6. Author. Sue Loughlin, November 1999.

This paper reviews some of the vast amount of available literature on barriers to women's career progression. It identifies three key themes, Human Resource Management (HRM); organisational culture and family issues, ...

Shared Service Centres 28/2/2000

Working Paper No.5. Authors: Derek Gill and John MacCormick, August 1999.

Chief executives in the Public Service departments have three options available to them for providing administrative services for their departments - in-house provision; contracting out ...

Pieces of the Puzzle: Machinery of Government and the Quality of Policy Advice 28/2/2000

Working Paper No. 4. Author: Sally Washington, June 1998.

This paper examines how current machinery of government arrangements influence the quality of policy advice. The paper draws extensively on interviews undertaken as part of the SSC project on Improving the Quality of Policy ...

Canadian Policy and Expenditure Management Systems and New Zealand's Strategic Result Areas: A Comparative Study 28/2/2000

Working Paper No. 3. Author: Lindsey MacDonald, August 1999.

In 1989, the Canadian government declared its Policy and Expenditure Management System (PEMS), an integral part of Canada's public management system, that had been in place for over a ...

Gaining Through Training: Developing High Performing Policy Advisors 28/2/2000

Working Paper No. 2. Author: Ted Preston, September 1999.

There is currently a shortage in the supply of skilled policy staff; there is also a dearth of recognised public-sector-wide policy training. This paper examines the latter aspect of this dilemma, and suggests a way ...

Roles of Central and Local Government in Joint Problems 28/2/2000

Working Paper No 1, authors Jo Cribb and Tom Berthold, July 1999.

This paper explores issues relating to the co-ordination of central government and local government in addressing joint problems. To be successful in addressing joint problems it is necessary to have a clear, ...

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