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Other Ways To Donate

Donations can also be made via post and donations may be directed towards a particular programme or event at the donor’s request.  Postal donations should be mailed to Fundraiser, NZAF, PO Box 6663, Wellesley Street, Auckland.  Cheques should be made payable to New Zealand AIDS Foundation.  Donations can also be made directly to our bank, please contact the NZAF National Office (09) 303 3124 for further details.

Individuals and businesses can contribute in the following ways:

Regular Giving:
A regular gift to the NZAF ensures the ongoing financial health of the Foundation at very low cost to administer.  The regularity of giving can vary (some prefer monthly, others six-monthly etc) and can be tailored to the needs of the donor.  Call (09) 303 3124 for more information.

Sponsorship of an event, campaign or promotion ensures the success of the initiative, and can provide diverse reward to the sponsor.  Sponsorship packages are frequently available and can be fully catered to the sponsor’s level of investment and need.  Call (09) 303 3124 for more information.

A gift to the Foundation in your will supports the long-term operations and security of the NZAF and leaves a lasting legacy of support in the struggle to prevent HIV transmission, and support those who are HIV positive.  Any bequest should be developed with your solicitor, and you are able to revise it at any time.  The Foundation recommends you seek independent advice from a solicitor you trust in the development of your will.  Your bequest can range from a specific asset, to a stated amount of money, to all or part of your estate.  Your solicitor will be able to provide further guidance on the provision of this aspect of support.  Further information on bequests can be obtained from the Foundation by phoning NZAF on (09) 303 3124.

Volunteering for the NZAF is not only an excellent opportunity to support the Foundation and its work, it is also fun and the chance to be part of a great team.  Volunteering opportunities exist in all the NZAF centers (Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch), and outside of these areas we can put you in touch with local HIV and AIDS support organisations that would welcome your assistance.  The amount of time and the nature of your volunteering is entirely up to you and can be developed with the Centre involved.  Contact your local Centre for more information on what is required.

Latest Campaign
Have you got the cheek to be the next SAFE SEX POSTER BOY?
Have you got the cheek to be the next SAFE SEX POSTER BOY?
One gay or bisexual man is being diagnosed with HIV every five days. We need to work together to stop it. Are you and your mates up for the challenge?

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QUEEN OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE 2008 ~ Saturday, November 15, 2008

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