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Why Donate to NZAF

We urgently need your support.  In New Zealand more people are living with HIV than ever before, literally since the first recorded infection in 1983 and demands on our services continues to grow, placing greater strain on our existing funding sources.

The New Zealand AIDS Foundation is incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957, and relies on donations and support from individuals and businesses in order to ensure the continued delivery and diversification of a range of services.

On an ongoing basis additional funds ensure that NZAF programmes can be responsive to trends, often before it is practical to secure contracted funding.  Donations also enable us to undertake advocacy and cutting edge initiatives that are not easily funded through government contracts. Receipts are issued for donations, and donations are tax deductable as appropriate.

Latest Campaign
Have you got the cheek to be the next SAFE SEX POSTER BOY?
Have you got the cheek to be the next SAFE SEX POSTER BOY?
One gay or bisexual man is being diagnosed with HIV every five days. We need to work together to stop it. Are you and your mates up for the challenge?

Upcoming Events
QUEEN OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE 2008 ~ Saturday, November 15, 2008

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