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EECA - improving the energy choices we make!

We encourage, promote and support the uptake of energy efficient initiatives and renewable energy in three key ways:

  • helping businesses and consumers to get more from their energy dollar
  • improving our lifestyles through warmer, drier homes and better personal transport choices
  • protecting the environment by supporting the use of renewable sources of energy.


EECA Business website If you want assistance in business, go to our EECA Business website.

EnergyWise website For energy savings in your home or on the road, go to our ENERGYWISE™ website.

Improve the energy efficiency of your home

Funding is available to install insulation, clean heating devices and a range of other energy efficiency measures including solar water heating.

Want to know more? Visit the ENERGYWISE™ website:


lights out for the old bulb

The Efficient Lighting Strategy has been launched. Find out more about the Strategy and how you can embrace an assortment of efficient and affordable lighting products.


Clean Heat project

Find out more about EECA's Clean Heat project to provide clean, efficient and sufficiently-sized heating appliances to the homes of low income householders.

what's new


EECA Statement of Intent 2008-2011 [PDF 1.16 MB]


Efficient lighting brochure: Get great looking lighting that saves you money by using efficient lights in your home [PDF 2 MB].


Media release: Jeanette Fitzsimons announces increase to Solar Water Heating grants