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Joomla! Day Sydney 2008
Wednesday, 07 May 2008
Joomla! Day Sydney 2008

Joomla! Day Sydney 2008 is scheduled for Monday, May 19, 2008, in conjunction with CeBIT Australia. Community members from Sydney, Australia are finalizing plans for a great event to be held at the beautiful and world famous Sydney Conference and Exhibition Centre located in Darling Harbour. The event agenda is designed to share a broad range of technologies and ideas with a diverse audience of designers, students, charities, businesses, technical experts, and end users.

Topics include:

  • A technical discussion entitled "Joomla! 1.5: Under the Hood" delivered by Andrew Eddie, Joomla! Core Team member and Development Working Group coordinator.
  • Andrew will also present a session on "Joomla! 1.5 Template Overrides," an empowering toolset for Web site designers and developers.
  • Brad Baker, Joomla! Core Team member and forum administrator will share helpful information for "Web site Performance and Security."
  • Dinah Randall, founder and president of the Sydney Joomla! User Group and Joomla! Day conference organiser will speak on "Joomla! Creative - Templates and Design."
  • Norm Douglas will present an overview entitled "Getting Started with Joomla!."
  • Patrick Jackson will share "Joomla! Search Engine Optimization (SEO)" strategies and techniques needed to improve visibility of Joomla! Web sites.
  • Damian Hickey will share how Freeway easily integrates with Joomla!, resulting in powerful eCommerce solutions.
  • Ashton Murphy will share his experiences on the Google Highly Open Participation Contest and a cool surprise.
  • At the end of the day, attendees can ask questions of a panel of Joomla! experts.

Following the event, all are invited for drinks and conversation Monday evening and to visit the Joomla! stand at CeBIT from May 20th to 22nd. Throughout the Open CeBIT conference, several Joomla! open source presentations will be held at CeBIT's Open Source Theatre.

Register now for Sydney Joomla! Day. Those who register by May 14th will receive early bird discounts and a better chance at getting one of the T-shirts only available for the first 100 registrants. We hope that the Sydney Joomla! Day 2008 is a great success and an enjoyable and informative way to have fun with Joomla!.

For more information, see:
Joomla! Google Summer of Code 2008 Projects
Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Google Summer of Code 2008

The Joomla! community is pleased to announce that Google is sponsoring 15 amazing projects in our fourth Google Summer of Code. Students and mentors from all over the world will work together this summer to bring great things to Joomla!. This year, Joomla! is honored that CiviCRM is also part of the team. Sincere thanks to Google for their continued support of Joomla! and the 175 other free and open source organizations participating.

Congratulations to the Joomla! Google Summer of Code 2008 Students

Your proposals were selected from a very competitive pool of nearly 100 applications. Thank you to the mentors willing to share time for this important effort. Projects that held the most promise were selected and we look forward to seeing this work shared with the community this fall.

This summer, each GSoC project team will share their progress on the site. Community members are invited to use the links below to join these conversations as the blogging begins over the next few weeks. End user feedback is an integral part of building useful solutions. If you have questions, please contact Wilco Jansen or Ian MacLennan, Joomla!'s GSoC project managers. 

Joomla! Google Summer of Code 2008 Projects and Students 

Nakul Ganesh .S Jon Volkman  Piotr Szotkowski  Chantal Bisson  Ercan Özkaya

Advanced Media Manager, Nakul Ganesh S, Mysore, India
CiviCRM: Aesthetics and Usability, Jon Volkman, Seattle, Washington
CiviCRM: Multi-language Support, Piotr Szotkowski, Warsaw, Poland
Contact Directory, Chantal Bisson, Quebec City, Canada
Content Type Management, Ercan Özkaya, Konya, Turkey

Jaap Woltjes  Mostafa Muhammad  Alex de Azevedo   Marcelo Eden   Shannon Quinn

Custom Content Layouts, Jaap Woltjes, the Netherlands
Forms, Mostafa Muhammad, Cairo, Egypt
Multi-DB Support, Alex de Azevedo, Brazil
Multimedia Portal, Marcelo Eden, Recife, Brazil
OpenSocial, Shannon Quinn, Atlanta, Georgia

Luis Galárraga  Danh Le Phuoc  Jacek Zielinski  Scot Inscore  Flavio Kubota

Research Management, Luis Galárraga, Guayaquil, Guayas Ecuador
Semantic Web, Danh Le Phuoc, Vietnam, studying in Ireland
Tags, Jacek Zielinski, Poznan, Poland
Unit Testing, Scot Inscore, Whitewater, Wisconsin
Version Control, Flavio Kubota, Campinas, Brazil.