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employment statutes


Copies of legislation

The alphabetical list below covers the main statutes applying to employment relationships. Those marked * are administered by the Department of Labour.

You can access copies of legislation online [external site].

All public libraries in New Zealand have copies of current legislation available to read at no cost, and copies of the Acts and Regulations can be ordered online.

The NZ Legislation [external site] website provides free public access to unofficial versions of New Zealand statutes (public, local, and private Acts of Parliament) as well as Statutory Regulations. You can search alphabetically and browse the Act or Regulations you want free of charge.

Employment-related law online

  • Accident Rehabilitation and Compensation Insurance Act 1992*
  • Accident Insurance (Transitional Provisions) Act 2000*
  • Disabled Persons Employment Promotion Act 1960*
  • Employment Relations Act 2000*
  • Employment Relations Act 2004 amendments [PDF 437k]
  • Employment Relations (Validation of Union Registration and Other Matters) Amendment 2001*
  • Equal Pay Act 1972*
  • Fair Trading Act 1986
  • Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992*
  • Holidays Act 2003*
  • Human Rights Act 1993
  • Industry Training Act 1992
  • Minimum Wage Act 1983*
  • Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act 1987*
  • Privacy Act 1993
  • Protected Disclosures Act 2000
  • State Sector Act 1988
  • Volunteers Employment Protection Act 1973*
  • Wages Protection Act 1983*

The following Regulations are also available online:

  • Employment Court Regulations 2000
  • Employment Relations Authority Regulations 2000
  • Employment Relations (Prescribed Forms) Regulations 2000

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