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Evaluating Workplace learning - 5 March 2008
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employment relations
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employment relations education and health & safety training


Applications for funding from the 2008/09 contestable fund are invited. Applications will be accepted up to the end of Monday 31 March 2008. More information.

In this section:

This section on employment relations education brings together basic information about the rights and obligations of unions, union members and employers in relation to employment relations education and paid leave associated with that.

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Who needs this information?

  • Anyone who has a paid job and is a member of a union or any employer who employs union members
  • Employers, unions and employees who want to know what they can and cannot do, as well as the things they have to do, in relation to paid leave for employment relations education
  • Unions and employers who wish to get employment relations education courses approved under the Employment Relations Act
  • anyone who wishes to get health and safety representatives training courses approved under the Health and Safety in Employment Act
  • Unions and employers who wish to find about funding grants for employment relations and/or health and safety representative training course development and delivery

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Getting further help & information

You can get further information and advice by first contacting the Executive Officer ERE direct or phone 04 915 4552; or fax 04 915 4710.

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The content of this document covers common problems. It will not answer every question and should not be used as a substitute for legislation or legal advice.

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This page was last updated on: 08-Feb-2008 and is current.

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