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The Department of Labour works throughout New Zealand to help people achieve high-quality working lives in thriving and inclusive communities.

Our business is to understand people's working lives, and how they contribute to building strong communities and a growing, supportive economy. We:

  • support employers and employees in creating safe, fair and productive workplaces
  • help create better job opportunities and link more skilled people into New Zealand's workforce
  • support community employment development, immigration and settlement
  • carry out research and analysis on workforce, workplace and work opportunities
  • influence and lead international thinking and practice on labour market, security and refugee issues.

To ensure we work consistently towards Outcomes for New Zealand, and deliver connected customer services right across the sector, we have created a new strategic leadership team. During 2004/05 we are re-organising the Department structure to align service delivery responsibilities with Outcomes.

Our responsibilities include:

  • delivering services and information that support productive workplaces, and workforce and community participation, to employers, employees, workplaces, communities, businesses and unions
  • providing policy advice and analysis to government on labour and employment related matters
  • providing advice to government on the performance of other agencies that impact on communities and people's working lives
  • managing international relationships

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