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How can we help you?

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Our first job is to provide you straightforward information and answer

your questions about most employment relationship issues. You can get:

  • information about your employment rights and responsibilities
  • information about the services offered by the Department of Labour
  • copies of our publications and fact sheets
  • guidance to resolve your employment relationship problems

Our website covers common problems and key information. It may not answer every question and should not be used as a substitute for legislation or legal advice.

If you can't find what you are looking for because you get lost then go to the site map or use the search function in the top left-hand corner of any page on this site. You could try our 'Ask a Question' feature by clicking on the 'Ask a question' button near the top left of every page.

Use these links as an easy way of getting answers if you need information or guidance of any kind, or want to give us some feedback.

We value your query and will respond to you as quickly as possible.

The Employment Relations Infoline may recommend in specific cases and where appropriate that you may wish to contact the following:

Individual information given here will, of course, be kept strictly confidential. It will be used only in relation to any order or request you make or for aggregating our findings from our survey and not for any other purpose.

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