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Employers' Associations

There are employers' associations in all regions. The associations have staff who can assist employers with information, advice and advocacy services. You can also find contact details for all regions on the Business New Zealand website. Employers' associations are also listed in the telephone book.

In addition, various professional or business organisations may be able to assist. These are often listed in the telephone book.

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There are many national, regional and workplace-based unions. They can assist employees with information, guidance, advice and advocacy services.

The Council of Trade Unions (CTU) keeps a list of unions (including unions not affiliated to the CTU) and contact details. Employees can find about which union to join and contact details on the CTU web site or by ringing 04 385 1334. Many of these unions are also listed in the yellow pages under "unions".

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Minister of Labour

Go to the Minister of Labour's web page [external site] for contact details and profile, plus the Minister's news releases and speeches about employment relations matters, or you can contact the Minister's office on 04 471 9961.

Advice centres and practitioners

There are a variety of advice centres and practitioners who may be able to assist. They include community law centres, Citizens' Advice Bureaux, lawyers, management consultants, accountants and employment relations practitioners. These will be listed in your telephone book.

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The Department's Health and Safety (formerly known as OSH)

We have branches in many centres, and can be contacted:

  • via the website; or
  • by telephone 0800 20 90 20 during business hours
  • Calling from overseas use 0064 4 915 4000.

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WorkSite is a source of information on education and training, planning and finding work, setting up and running a business in New Zealand, and research and publications about the New Zealand labour market.

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Financial assistance for families

The Inland Revenue Department provides financial assistance for working families with children up to the age of 18 who live at home and are not financially independent.

You may be entitled to more than one kind.

  1. Parental Tax Credit is a payment you get when you or your partner has a baby
  2. Family Support is ongoing support for working families
  3. Family Tax Credit is for families with one or more children to top up what you earn to make sure your family gets at least $286 a week (after tax).

The Parental Tax Credit is a special, one-off payment for new parents to help through the first few weeks after birth. Depending on what you earn and the number of days your baby is in your care during the first eight weeks, parents could get up to $1,200.

The Parental Tax Credit is different from Paid Parental Leave, and parents cannot receive both payments for the same child.

For more information on family assistance visit Inland Revenue's website or call Inland Revenue on 0800 277 773 between 8 am and 8 pm weekdays or 9 am to 1 on Saturdays.

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Human Rights Commission

The Human Rights Commission can be contacted:

  • via their website; or
  • on call free 0800 4 YOUR RIGHTS (0800 496 877)

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Commerce Commission

The Commerce Commission can be contacted via its website or it has branches in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch and can be contacted by telephone:

  • Wellington - 04 498 0911
  • Auckland - 09 377 3094
  • Christchurch - 03 379 3284

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Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

ACC has offices in most centres. ACC can be contacted:

  • via their website; or
  • by telephone (see the blue pages in the telephone book)

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Privacy Commissioner

The Privacy Commissioner can be contacted:

  • via their website; or
  • on call free 0800 803 909

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Related Australian sites

  • Visit an Australian site that provides you free information on Australian wages with links to Australian industrial relations and labour sites, plus other relevant international employment relations sites.
  • Also you can visit The Australian Workplace at This portal provides access to online services and information, guiding you to employment information, government assistance, jobs, careers, training and working conditions in Australia.

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European sites

  • Visit the Federation of European Employers at and get information about Europe's numerous labour markets and employment law jurisdictions

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