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Friday, 02 May 2008 New Zealand's future
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*  The energy challenge is not all bad news.  New Zealand farmers could reap the benefit of a US swing into biofuels.
Read more.


*  There's still enough around to give food for thought however.  The international oil scene is giving everyone the jitters.  Bench mark crude oil prices are varying up
to 3% in a single day, which indicates traders are nervous about both supply and demand.  

The latest oil report from the International Energy Agency shows a virtually flat world crude oil production for 2006, and OPEC, where most oil is produced, flat to lowering since the last quarter of 2005.

As if that’s not enough, credible commentators are now saying Saudi has probably peaked, which, if correct, means the world has peaked.



*   Eddie Robertson has just completed a new research paper on education and New Zealand youth.


Climate change. Read what David Lillis has to say.  More


*   Read also what Neil Curtis has to say about the subject. More


*  Our new Home Page format More


*  Towards 2030: mega change drivers identified. The project team is putting substance to a number of mega changes that will challenge our society over the next twenty or so years. Read More


*   Project Teams to study the impacts of the energy challenge on New Zealand economy and general society are being set up. Read More


*  The 'Members Section' has been archived pending further investigation. Read more


  Wellington Regional Strategy to be revisited in 2007.
Last November we started developing our own FTA Wellington strategy.  Now we're into the New Year, we'll complete the project and let you know the results.


  A Community strategy development template is being developed to encourage a do-it-yourself approach.
A bi-product of the Wellington Regional Strategy project, the template will be of use to those of you who would like to set alight your own community strategy exercise. It's fun to do and the results could be a useful input into your local Regional Council long term planning process.


*   Does this ring a bell?

"The things that wealth has given us that I value are these: basic medical care, including birth control and preventative care, social support networks for the elderly, the disabled, the very poor and other vulnerable people, good education, access to information, access to clean water, safe food and secure shelter, personal freedom and a just society. And what is fascinating about all these things is that they aren't very expensive".  Read more from an American musing.