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Friday, 02 May 2008 New Zealand's future

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Our logo borrows from the past and looks toward the future.

The background fern frond, in one form or another, has been used by many New Zealand entities over a long period of time as an icon of our national identity. 

The title ‘Futures Thinking Aotearoa’ is not a change in name; we are still officially ‘The New Zealand Futures Trust Inc.’, but it is a new brand name which, we think, looks ahead.  More and more ‘Aotearoa’ is being coupled with ‘New Zealand’ as the name we use for the country we live in.  This reflects the change in our understanding of the history and likely future of the people who have called and will call these islands their ‘home’.

The words’ Looking Ahead…. to New Zealand’s future’ is what FTA is all about.  Keeping an eye on the big changes likely to affect us, and working through what the impacts might be.

The type used in ‘Futures Thinking Aotearoa’ has been borrowed from our previous logo, to give a sense of continuity.

We hope you like what has been produced.

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