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Access Services

The Access Services Group is responsible for the provision of access to public archives. Its main functions are to:

  • advise and assist researchers locate archives relevant to their research topic;
  • provide copies of archives, where possible, including photocopies, digital copies, photography and microfilm;
  • advise on publication of copies of archives, including advice on copyright clearance and acknowledgements;
  • temporarily loan archives to the government office that created or was responsible for the archives, if required for current business;
  • produce supplementary finding aids and guides to archives, where appropriate, including co-ordinating volunteer programmes;
  • promote and publicise the use of archival resources;
  • provide talks and tours and other outreach activities to interested groups about archives and how to use them; and
  • produce exhibitions and other resources that illustrate how archives document New Zealand society to the general public.

The Access Services Group is divided into three parts. These are:

Reference Services

Reference Services are responsible for the operation of the four reading rooms in each office of Archives New Zealand. It carries out all of the reprographic services offered. Reference also operates a remote reference service, which enables researchers to request information by e-mail or letter. The creation of supplementary findings aids to enhance access to specific groups of archives such as indexes and guides is co-ordinated by Reference Services, including volunteer programmes.

Outreach Services

Outreach Services are responsible for the promotion of archives to the general public. This is done through an exhibitions programme, a tours and talks service and special one-off outreach events or activities.

Government Loans

Government Loans Service are responsible for the temporary loan of archives to the government office that created or was responsible for the archives, if that office requires the archives for its current business. Government Loans Service are also responsible for inspecting and accounting for all items on loan to government offices.