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Audio Visual Archives

Depending on how you wish to access the collection please select one of the following.

Access and Copyright


Access to the Archives New Zealand audio visual collection is through our Access Services department.

This can be done in a number of ways:

  1. Access at Archives New Zealand Wellington office. Inside the Archives reading room is a large selection of National Film Unit material available on VHS tapes, both with and without burnt in time-code for professional users. You can also order home use and professional preview BITC VHS tapes in the Wellington office.
  2. Access via Archives New Zealand’s three regional offices, Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin. To access material at these offices please research the titles you wish to view on the on-line wiki and then email our Access Services department who will arrange for copies of the material to be sent to the required office.
  3. Ordering your own personal non-broadcast quality copies. There are two types of personal copies available. Firstly, copies supplied strictly for personal home and research use and secondly, video copies with burnt in time-code for professional users who can order time-coded sections on broadcast formats.

All access to the audio visual collection is subject to availability of access copies. Available access copies will be listed on the wiki under the viewing copies field. If you find a record that has nothing listed under viewing copies please contact Access Services to see if one can be made available.


Unless otherwise stated all material listed in the on-line wiki is covered by Crown Copyright. Archives New Zealand’s main Archway database will contain references to all audio visual material held which will include material that is not Crown copyright but is a public record as defined in the Public Records Act 2005. Please contact Access Services to access any of these records.

If you wish to use any Archives New Zealand audio visual material you must apply for permission from the Chief Archivist. These records are not public domain. Under the Public Records Act 2005 Archives New Zealand has the right to refuse or withdraw copyright permission if we believe the material is being misused.