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Press Releases

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Title Business group
29/06/2006 -: Consultation On Fee Changes   Identity Services
12/05/2006 -: Peace And Disarmament Education Trust  Local Government & Community
11/05/2006 -: Serious Sentence For Passport Offender   Identity Services
01/05/2006 -: German Tip-Off Sees South Auckland Man Convicted  Regulation & Compliance
26/04/2006 -: Passport Fraud A Serious Crime That Has Victims  Identity Services
24/04/2006 -: Civil Unions One Year On  Identity Services
11/04/2006 -: Fewer ‘Pokies’ In The Community  Regulation and Compliance
16/02/2006 -: Daylight Saving Ends Sunday 19 March  Communications
02/02/2006 -: Sentinel Trust Licence Cancelled  Regulation & Compliance
02/02/2006 -: Hefty Fine For Possessing Sexual Abuse Images  Regulation & Compliance
01/02/2006 -: Further Reduction In Gambling Facilities  Regulation & Compliance
27/01/2006 -: Student Jailed For Sex Abuse Pictures  Regulation & Compliance
25/01/2006 -: Gambling Spending Drops In 2004/05 Year  Regulation & Compliance
22/12/2005 -: Webmaster Conviction Upheld  Regulation & Compliance
16/12/2005 -: Gambling Compliance Director Appointed  Regulation & Compliance
13/12/2005 -: Internet Collector Exposed  Regulation & Compliance
07/12/2005 -: Most Newborns Not Affected By Next Year’S Citizenship Changes   Identity Services
23/11/2005 -: Helping Pacific Community Groups Get A Fair Share Of Lottery Funding  Local Government & Community
22/11/2005 -: Student Fined $10,000 For Internet Collection  Regulation & Compliance
09/11/2005 -: Department Applies To Suspend Dunedin Casino Licence  Regulation & Compliance
03/11/2005 -: E-Passport Boosts Security For All New Zealanders  Identity Services
14/10/2005 -: Longest Jail Term To Date In Censorship Case  Regulation & Compliance
10/10/2005 -: Statistics Suggest Gambling Act Achieving Its Purpose To Control The Growth Of Gambling  Regulation and Compliance
04/10/2005 -: Jail For Child Sex Abuse Images A Warning To Offenders “You Will Be Caught”  Regulation & Compliance
29/09/2005 -: New Gambling Regulations Come Into Force   Regulation & Compliance
26/09/2005 -: High Court Upholds Important Internet Decision, Reinforces New Zealand Law   Regulation and Compliance
26/09/2005 -: Computer Repair Company Helps Convict Collector Of Sex Pictures Of Young Children  Regulation and Compliance
21/09/2005 -: Nz To Join International Passport Security Initiative  Identity Services
19/09/2005 -: Internet Café Owner Fined For Selling And Possessing Objectionable Movies  Regulation & Compliance
08/09/2005 -: Big Step Towards Electronic Monitoring Of Gaming Machines  Regulation & Compliance
01/09/2005 -: Mandatory “Pop-Up” On Gaming Machines Will Interrupt Gambling For 15 Second Intervals  Regulation & Compliance
30/08/2005 -: First Gambling Act Sentencing: $12,000 Fine For Illegal Gambling  Regulation & Compliance
23/08/2005 -: Jail Term Shows Development Of New Zealand’S Censorship Law  Regulation & Compliance
22/08/2005 -: New Register For Donors And Donor Offspring  Identity Services
15/08/2005 -: Webmaster Convicted: There Is No Such Thing As “Cyberspace”  Regulation & Compliance
11/08/2005 -: Supervision Orders And Sex Offender Treatment, Important Part Of Sentencing  Regulation & Compliance
08/08/2005 -: Information From Member Of Public Leads To Conviction  Regulation & Compliance
27/07/2005 -: Next Step Toward Electronic Monitoring System For Gaming Machines, Consultation On Fees  Regulation and Compliance
18/07/2005 -: Important Court Decision Strengthens Action Against Distributors Of Child Sex Abuse Images  Regulation and Compliance
06/07/2005 -: Gambling Trends Continue: Machine Numbers Down But Operators And Venues Get Bigger  Regulation & Compliance

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