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Final Registration Date for Confidential Forum
The Secretary for Internal Affairs has advised the Confidential Forum that the final date for people to let the Forum know that they wish to attend a meeting with the Forum is 31 July 2006.

Dog Microchipping Regulations
New dog microchipping regulations come into force on 1 July 2006. Read here about the background, and latest information about the Dog Control (Microchip Transponder) Regulations 2005.

Microchipping Questions and Answers
Frequently Asked Questions about Microchipping, the National Dog Database and other Dog Control issues, dated May 2006.

Gaming Statistics
Gaming expenditure statistics, machine numbers, society numbers, percentage of machines by society.

Rates Rebate Scheme
Revised information on Rates Rebates. Including details on the changed thresholds which come into effect from 1 July, 2006.

Consultation on Proposed Fees for Citizenship and Birth Certificates
Consultation documents. Submissions called for by 14 July 2006.

Civil Union
Entering into a Civil Union.

Human Assisted Reproductive Technology (HART) Register
The HART Register holds information about donors, donor offspring and guardians who have been involved in fertility treatment through fertility clinics.

Charities Commission
Information about the Charities Commission, an autonomous Crown entity administered by the Department of Internal Affairs since 1 July 2005.

Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct
The Prime Minister, Rt Hon Helen Clark, announced this Commission of Inquiry on 4 February 2004. The Department of Internal Affairs provides administrative assistance to Commissions of Inquiry.

Community Development Scheme
Summary of the Community Development Scheme administered by the Department of Internal Affairs Community Development Group.

SCBPF - Background
Further background to the Significant Community Based Projects Fund (May 2006).

SCBPF - Questions & Answers
Questions and answers about the Significant Community Based Projects Fund (May 2006).

Significant Community Based Projects Fund
Background to the Significant Community Based Projects Fund.

Confidential Forum for Former In-Patients of Psychiatric Hospitals
The government has established a forum for former psychiatric patients who claim to have suffered abuse while in hospital.

Annual Reports
A list of Department of Internal Affairs Annual Reports available electronically through this website with links to downloadable versions of the documents.

Statement of Intent 2006-09
Department of Internal Affairs Statement of Intent 2006-09

Draft Evidence of Identity Standard
The draft Evidence of Identity (EOI) Standard, developed as part of the all-of-Government Authentication Programme led by the State Services Commission. Public feedback is sought.

Local Government Information Project
Summary of the Local Government Information Project, including a link to the Local Councils website, managed by the Department of Internal Affairs.

Pacific Provider Development Fund - Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions about the Pacific Provider Development Fund.

National Dog Database Project
Information about the National Dog Database Project administered by the Department of Internal Affairs.

Appointments to the New Zealand Racing Board
Rt Hon Winston Peters, the Minister for Racing, has written to racing industry organisations inviting nominations for appointment as the independent chairperson, and for appointment as members, to the New Zealand Racing Board.

Local Government Funding Project
Background information about the Local Government Funding Project, including a link to the July 2005 Report on Local Authority Funding Issues.

Censorship Offenders Update - November 2005
The second updated profiling statistics of New Zealand censorship offenders and characteristics of their offending originally documented in the research published by the Department of Internal Affairs in April 2004, and last updated in the Censorship Offenders Profile Update of November 2004.

Strategy for Evaluating Local Government Legislation
Link here to a copy of the strategy developed by the Department of Internal Affairs for evaluating the roles, responsibilities, powers and accountabilities of local government as defined by the Local Government Act 2002, the Local Electoral Act 2001, and the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002.

Submissions on Discussion Documents
Responses to discussion documents for the Review of Fire Legislation administered by the Department of Internal Affairs.

Chinese Poll Tax Heritage Trust
Background summary information, how to apply and application form for the Chinese Poll Tax Heritage Trust.

New Zealand Winston Churchill Memorial Trust
Overview of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, the grants it offers, who is eligible, how and when to apply for funding.

Changes to Citizenship by Birth in New Zealand from 2006 FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions about the changes to Citizenship by Birth from 2006.

Passports Amendment Act 2005 and Citizenship Amendment Act 2005
The Passports Amendment Act 2005 and the Citizenship Amendment Act 2005 came into effect on the 21st of April 2005.

Photographic Image Requirements for New Zealand Travel Documents and Citizenship Applications
The Department of Internal Affairs has revised its photo standards for use in New Zealand travel documents and applications for citizenship. The new photo standards are effective from 1 June 2005.

Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS)
Introduction to Community Organisation Grants Scheme, with link to COGS Online database.

Gambits (Gaming Compliance newsletter)
Summary of Gaming Licensing group newsletter Gambits, including downloadable electronic copies of the newsletter.

Problem Gambling Counselling in New Zealand 2002
National Statistics Report, April 2003 published by the Problem Gambling Committee. Summary and pdf version of publication for print or download.

Local Government Act 2002
Information about the Local Government Act 2002, including a link to the Act and latest news on its implementation.

Local Government Act 2002 - Implementation and Public Information
Information about the Department of Internal Affairs implementation programme for the new Local Government and Rating Acts.

You and Your Council - New Ways Of Getting Involved
The Local Government Act 2002 provides more opportunities for you and your community to have a say in your council's decision-making (brochure).

Local Authority Election Statistics 2004
Provisional report of the 2004 election statistics for territorial authorities (district and city councils) and regional councils, prepared by Research Services of the Department of Internal Affairs.

Ministerial Review into Allegations of Abuse at the Regular Force Cadet School
Background, Terms of Reference and ongoing information about the Government's Ministerial Review into allegations of abuse at the Regular Force Cadet School.

Lake Facilities Development Proposals
There is a Crown allocation of $34,000 for expenditure on boating facilities at Lake Taupo. The Lake Facilities Planning and Development Forum advises the Department of Internal Affairs on appropriate expenditure of the allocation. Proposals can be made to the Forum. Link here to the approved criteria and application form.

Internet Traders of Child Pornography and other Censorship Offenders in New Zealand
A research report by Angela Carr, published by the Department of Internal Affairs, April 2004. This research report profiles New Zealand censorship offenders and examines characteristics of their offending.

Important Notice for Passport Holders:' L' series peeling passports
Important notice for holders of New Zealand Passports issued in the period 1993 to 1997.

New Passport Application Process
From 26 November 2003 most first time New Zealand passport applicants, lodging their application in New Zealand, will no longer need to provide supporting documents with their application form.

Important Notice for New Zealand passport holders planning travel to the United States
Recent reports in the New Zealand and international media have indicated that all holders of passports from visa waiver countries will need to obtain a USA entry visa before commencing their travel to or via the USA from 26 October 2004. These reports are not correct in respect of New Zealand.

Press Releases
Link to Department of Internal Affairs press release index, with links to additional press releases relevant to the Department's work.

Review of Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management
Report from the State Services Commission to the Ministers of State Services, Civil Defence, and Finance, 29 October 2004. Released for publication by the Ministers of State Services, and Civil Defence, 9 November 2004. Links to page on SSC website

Review of Fire Legislation
Summary and background information about the consultation process for review of Fire legislation administered by the Department of Internal Affairs.

STV Information
Information on the STV electoral system, what it is, when it will be used in New Zealand, and the option for local authorities to adopt STV for local government elections.

How to Monitor Internet Activity
Simple instructions on how to check the cache memory and history of Internet activity on a computer.

Daylight Saving
Daylight Saving ended at 3am Daylight Time (2am Standard Time) on Sunday 20 March 2005. Daylight Time will begin again at 2am Standard Time on Sunday 2 October 2005.

Rates and Lease Arrangements
The effect of the new Local Government (Rating) Act on leases is to bring rating arrangements for many commercial properties in line with the usual rating arrangements for residential property.

Pacific Provider Development
Lottery Pacific Provider Development provides grants to develop and strengthen Pacific Island community groups and social service providers to Pacific people in New Zealand.

Joint Working Group on Concerns of Viet Nam Veterans
Summary of the role and consultative process for the Joint Working Group on Concerns of Viet Nam Veterans, including Registration of Interest form.

Weathertightness homepage
Information and links about the 'Leaky Buildings' issue and how to register for the weathertightness service provided by the Department of Internal Affairs.

ePassport Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions about the New Zealand ePassport.

Bilingual Birth Certificates from 1 March
Since 1 March 2004 the Department of Internal Affairs has included a bilingual component in all newly issued birth certificates.

Briefings to Incoming Ministers
Briefings to the 2005 Incoming Government.

Fact Sheets (Gambling Act 2003)
A series of Fact Sheets outlining provisions under the Gambling Act 2003.

Gambling Act 2003 Cabinet Papers on Regulations
Cabinet papers related to regulations made under the Gambling Act 2003.

Maori and the Local Government Act
A summary of feedback from the series of workshops conducted in 2003 on Treaty of Waitangi issues and the Maori provisions in the Local Government Act 2002.

A Guide to Local Government
A synopsis of the DecisionMaker Guide to Local Government, in five languages.

Lottery Community
the Lottery National Community Committee and the 11 Lottery Regional Community Committees distribute Lottery grants to voluntary organisations providing welfare, youth and seniors services in the community.

Emergency Travel Document
Overview of Emergency Travel Documents issued at New Zealand overseas posts

Citizenship Booklet Highlights Partnership Between Local and Central Government
Working with local authorities to organise successful citizenship ceremonies for local communities is the subject of a new handbook from the Department of Internal Affairs.

Draft Code of Practice for Internet Usage in Organisations
Internet policies and guidelines designed to ensure that staff are aware of the appropriate usage of the Internet and their responsibilities. This is a draft which organisations may adapt for their own purposes.

Gaming Act Review
Information about the review of gaming legislation, including consultation documents, a database of submissions, cabinet papers, summary and analysis.

Recruitment & Vacancies
About the Department of Internal Affairs recruitment policy and workplace principles, with link to Index of Current Vacancies.

Operational Policy - Internal Guidelines Harm Prevention, Harm Minimisation and Responsible Gambling
These guidelines provide the operational policy unit of the Gambling Compliance Group with a coherent framework in which to identify and determine appropriate regulatory responses to harm prevention, harm minimisation and responsible gambling arising from internal or external gambling initiatives or developments.

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