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IT System Specifications

The details on this page are provided for IT/technical staff working for Territorial Authorities.

Territorial Authorities have two basic options for the electronic processing of rebate claims. Option 1 is to use the web based system that the Department is implementing early August. Option 2 is to modify the Territorial Authorities own rating system. The Department's Interface specifications provide technical details of both these options.

Below are the files needed for Option 2. Territorial Authorities can use these to modify their rating systems to calculate the rebate for each ratepayer application and save the rebate claim details into their own database - they can then run a fortnightly/monthly job to generate a batch of claims to the Department. Please note that they can be read using a suitable XML editor, notepad or wordpad.

Territorial Authorities can either upload these XML files manually or use a Machine-to-Machine interface with a web service to automatically upload data. For further information about XML see

The links below relate to batch and claim data types, services, security and messages. As name and address information is exchanged in this contract, types that are defined in the NZeGIF xNAL namespaces are referenced. More detailed information about these types can be found in the xNAL links below.

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