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Who Can Apply

The New Zealand Lottery Grants Board distributes the profits from state lotteries run by the New Zealand Lotteries Commission. It does this through a sysmtem of distribution agencies and committees that support a wide range of community purposes.

Who Can Apply for a Lottery Grant:
  • any non-profit or community organisation
  • individuals, in some cases.
Regardless of the amount applied for, grants of more than $10,000 can only be made to legal entities (e.g. incorporated societies, charitable trusts, and companies with charitable status).
For more information, freephone 0800 824 824 (New Zealand only).

Eligibility for Lottery Grants

Applicatons are accepted from:
  • groups
  • individuals with disabilities (or the parents of children with disabilities)
  • individuals undertaking health research
  • groups or individuals requesting funding from the Lottery Minister's Discretionary Fund.

Grants are given for:
  • ventures and activities that will benefit the community, in the future, and are not already funded from some other source.

Grants are NOT normally given to:
  • individuals (except those with disabilities or undertaking health research, or those applying to the Lottery Minister's Discretionary Fund).
Grants are NOT normally given for:
  • medical expenses, operations or treatment whether here or overseas
  • commercial enterprises
  • purchase of land
  • debt repayment or refinancing of existing loans or debentures
  • capital investment or trust funds
  • employment and business initiative
  • political advocacy projects
  • activities or projects where the primary purpose is religious ministry
  • projects, programmes or events already completed at the application closing date
  • alcohol and drug treatment, education or support services
  • overseas aid and funds for the relief of disasters occurring in New Zealand or overseas
  • services or projects considered to be the responsibility of local authorities, central government or some other funding body
  • internal travel incidental to accepted activities
  • fundraisers and projects which seek to raise funds or which provide training for fundraisers.
The following areas may not receive funding from any distribution committee, but they may be funded from the Lottery Minister's Discretionary Fund:
  • animal welfare
  • volunteer fire brigades
  • overseas travel.

A leaflet outlining eligibility criteria and the funding application process can be downloaded here: * This document is in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. You need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download a free version from the Adobe site.

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