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Community Internship Programme

The difference between a community internship and a community project

How the Programme Works

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How the Programme Works

All applications to the Community Internship Programme must be made jointly by the host organisation, the intern and the home organisation. Applications should clearly demonstrate how the outcomes of the internship will benefit and be of value to all three parties.

In addition to the information presented on the Community Internship Programme webpage, please read and consider the detail presented for Employers / Home Organisations, for Interns and /or for Host Organisations as background to your internship planning.

How It Works

In 2005/06, each successful host organisation will receive a grant specifically to support the salary of the intern. The host community organisation is responsible for the provision of administration and resources to support the internship.

Internship size
Full-time equivalent
Salary GrantGST*Total Grant
inclusive GST*
6 months or 1040 hrs
4.5 months or 780 hrs
3 months or 520 hrs
* GST will only be added to grants for host organisations that are GST registered.

Applications can be made for internships of 6 months or 4.5 months or 3 months full-time-equivalent duration.

The start and finish dates, proposed internship work programme and the plan for how the intern’s hours will distributed within the CIP timeframe (see below) is a matter for agreement between the intern and their home and host organisations.

Note: In certain circumstances the Panel may consider lowering the salary subsidy for the Intern to cover resource costs associated with the internship. However, it is expected that host community organisations will have planned for, and can provide for, the administrative and resource costs associated with hosting the intern and undertaking the internship.

Applications closeThursday 23 March 2006
Decisions announcedEarly May 2006
Internships startBetween 31 May 2006 – 31 July 2006
All internships must be completed by30 April 2007

Criteria for selection
In addition to fitting the descriptions of the key participants and meeting the goals of the programme as stated on this website, each internship application must be accompanied by all of the information requested in the How To Apply section below. Applicants selected must also be willing to provide a report of their experience and participate in an evaluation of the programme if required.

How to Apply

As stated above, all applications to the CIP must be made jointly by the host organisation, intern and home organisation.

From the host organisation

  1. An internship proposal, including:
    1. A clear description of your organisation's capacity building or development issues, the objectives of the internship and its proposed benefits;
    2. A defined and realistic work programme for the internship, identifying the proposed hours of work within either the 3 month, 4.5 month or 6 month full-time-equivalent internship timeframes.
    3. A description by the Host Organisation of why the skills and experience of the nominated Intern are a good match to the needs/expectations of the Host Organisation.
    4. A description by the Host Organisation of the relationship building benefits associated with the Intern's home organisation.
    5. Detail of the resources that will be supplied to the Intern, e.g. office space, computer, supervision, training, payment of necessary travel costs, etc. Please note: These internship resources must be available at the commencement of the internship.
    6. Applications must be signed/ authorised by each of the signatures of a senior staff member and a representative of the governance structure, e.g. the Chairperson.
  2. A copy of the most recent audited accounts and annual report for the Host Organisation. These must not be more than 16 months old at the time of application.
  3. Evidence of the Host Organisation's legal entity and not-for-profit status (e.g. certificate of incorporation). If you are uncertain as to what constitutes evidence of your organisation's legal entity, please contact the national administrator of the programme for advice).

From the Intern
  1. A letter from the Intern explaining why you wish to undertake this particular internship, why you believe your skills are a good match to the needs of the Host Organisation and indicating your agreement with the work programme as identified in the Host Organisation's internship proposal.
  2. An up-to-date Curriculum vitae.

From the Employer / Home Organisation
  1. A signed letter from the Intern's employer / home organisation, agreeing to the Intern's participation in the internship for the period nominated, indicating your endorsement of the proposed work programme for the internship and identifying the anticipated benefit/s for your organisation in supporting the internship.

It is the responsibility of the applicant Host Organisation to ensure that the application processes are completed and that all necessary documentation is presented at the time of applying.

Send applications to: Community Internship Programme, Department of Internal Affairs, PO Box 805 Wellington.

Applications close on Thursday 23 March 2006.
Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Previous participants
The programme is not open to host organisations and interns who participated in the last two funding rounds. Employers that have participated as home organisations are able to apply in consecutive years with different interns.

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