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Community Development Scheme


The Community Development Scheme is one of the Crown funded schemes administered by the Local Government and Community Branch of the Department of Internal Affairs.

Why was this scheme established?

The Community Development Scheme was established to support community, hapü / iwi / Mäori, Pacific and Ethnic groups in areas of identified need to determine their own development priorities to achieve sustainable community outcomes.

Having strong, sustainable communities contributes to the overall wellbeing of all New Zealanders.

Shared identity, skilled leadership, capable organisations and access to adequate information and resources for all are essential building blocks for community wellbeing. Strong, functioning communities are the building blocks for a healthy civil society.

What is the purpose of the Scheme?

The purpose of this scheme is to support communities to work together in new ways, to be innovative and generate their own solutions to local issues, and to become more self-reliant and resilient. The scheme is designed to support community-driven projects, that will enable people to come together, build trust and begin the process of working towards finding their own solutions to the issues they face.

How it operates

This scheme funds community organisations to employ community development workers to facilitate the development of strong sustainable communities and build community capacity and capabilities.

This scheme is not open for general applications. Applications are invited from community organisations/hapü/iwi based in specific areas or localities during each funding round. The projects funded are selected based on the applications received in relation to the scheme criteria, including the information presented by the applicants about the issues, priorities and needs identified within their communities.

In 2006, there are funds available to establish 14 new Community Developments Scheme projects. While the 2006 funding round for the scheme is being coordinated on a national basis, 14 areas or localities nationwide been selected as the focus for the 2006 funding round, on the basis that communities located in these areas have not previously had the opportunity to apply to the Community Development Scheme.

Which communities are targeted in the 2006 funding round?

In 2006, applications are invited from communities located in the following combined districts, on the basis that one project from each area listed below will be selected:

Will applications from communities not covered by the areas identified be considered in 2006?


When does the 2006 funding round close?

Monday 1 May 2006 at 4.00 pm

What sort of projects will be funded?

Projects that enable strong communities/hapü/iwi that:

Applicants to this scheme should demonstrate:
  • their competence to host/manage a community development project over a period of three years;
  • the support within their community to undertake the project proposed;
  • a clear understanding of the project basis of this scheme and the funding available.*
* This scheme provides communities with the opportunity to undertake a development project over a finite period of time – it is not designed to provide for ongoing programmes, nor for the operational outcomes for the applicant organisation.

What benefits are anticipated?

The benefits will be to communities. Projects that are funded should enable, over time, strong, cohesive communities, managing their own self determined and sustainable development.

What funding is available and where?

Successful applicants to the 2006 funding round will be offered a project grant of $80,000.00 plus GST per year. If the project monitoring and accountability requirements for the grant are met each year, funding for the term of the project will be continued. (Note: A fourth or merit year is awarded in some instances.)

In 2006, a total of $2,080,000 inclusive GST will be invested in communities around the country through the Community Development Scheme.

When will the next funding round be held?

The next funding round for the Community Development Scheme is expected to occur in 2007/08.

What are the criteria?

There are two types of criteria:

What are the eligibility criteria?

To be eligible, applications must:

be for community-driven projects, for a defined project period and based in a community in one of the 14 localities targeted for the current funding round;
be based on employing community development workers to work within communities to facilitate the development of strong, sustainable communities and build community capacity and capabilities;
identify the long-term outcomes for the community from the project proposed, combined with a plan for the initiatives and activities to be undertaken in the first year towards the achievement of the long-term outcomes for the project;

  • be proposed by a GST registered organisation, with legal entity status, appropriate governance and management structures and processes in place, and the capability to successfully achieve the project outcomes proposed; and,
  • demonstrate the relevance of the project proposal to the scheme outcome of strong, cohesive communities, managing their own self determined and sustainable development
For further details, please refer to Frequently Asked Questions and Guidelines for Applicants below.

Application Form
  • Application Form (.pdf) 116k* Note: This Adobe Acrobat version should be downloaded, printed out and filled in manually.
  • Application Form (.doc) 385k** Note: This Word document version can be filled in electronically, but must be saved to your computer and printed out and signed, before mailing in.
  • Guidelines for Applicants (.pdf) 135k* These guidelines are to be used when filling out the Application Form.
* This document is in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. You need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download a free version from the Adobe site.

More information
For further information, please phone 0800 824 824 or contact the Local Government & Community Branch
regional offices nearest to you.

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