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Applying for COGS Funding

Applications for the next round of COGS funding open on 1 June 2006 and close on 28 July 2006.

Apply for funding by entering an online application at, or by requesting a paper application from a Local Government and Community Branch office of the Department of Internal Affairs or phone 0800 824 824.

COGS funding priorities
  • Projects that are responding to a locally identified need in the community.
  • Projects or services initiated by local community groups and organisations.
  • Projects or organisations that work with one or more of the COGS priority sectors (i.e. Maori, women, Pacific communities, other ethnic communities, older people, the rurally isolated, people with disabilities, families, youth and children, and unemployed people).
  • Community groups and organisations that have limited access to other government funding.

What COGS grants may be used for
  • The costs of running community organisations that provide community based social services. This may include wages, training, reimbursing volunteers’ expenses, rent, power, telephone, travel costs, postage, photocopying etc.
  • Community development project costs such as hui, training, planning, travel, evaluation and facilitator fees.
  • Running community projects and events that:
    • encourage participation in communities
    • promote community leadership and/or
    • promote social, economic and cultural equity.
  • National and regional organisations may apply for funding, but will need to show that there is a direct benefit to the local community, and for projects or services that are provided locally.

What COGS grants may NOT be used for
  • Capital items such as land, building/alterations, plant and machinery, vehicles, furniture and office equipment.
  • Duplicating existing services, unless there is a good reason for both services to exist.
  • Social functions.
  • Political advocacy.
  • Activities or programmes taking place outside of New Zealand.
  • Retrospective funding for activities that have already happened by the application closing date.

Funding limits

Groups MUST be legal entities, for example an incorporated society or charitable trust, to receive grants of over $5000. Groups that are not legal entities may apply for a maximum of $5000.

What happens after you apply?

Either the local LG&C advisor or a COGS committee member may contact you to discuss your application. The COGS committee will consider applications and make their decisions, generally within three months of the closing date.

Accountability requirements

If you receive a grant, you will be required to complete an accountability report. The Department of Internal Affairs may audit grant recipients, and require any grant funding that is not accounted for be paid back.

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