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Citizenship - Raraunga

Requirements for New Zealand Citizenship

New Zealand Citizenship by Descent

General Requirements for a Grant of New Zealand Citizenship

Grants of New Zealand Citizenship in Other Situations

How to Apply For Grant of New Zealand Citizenship

Approved Translation Agencies

Citizenship Ceremonies

Citizenship by Grant Frequently Asked Questions

Denial and Confirmation of New Zealand Citizenship

Citizenship Application Fees and Forms

Important Notices

Citizenship Grants Policy Manual

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Citizenship - Raraunga

Service Overview
The New Zealand Citizenship Office administers grants of citizenship, confirmation and denials of citizenship, and descent registrations. Through the Citizenship Office you can: For information about permits and visas to visit, work or live in New Zealand please visit the New Zealand Immigration Service website.

Proposed Fees for Citizenship Services
The Government is proposing minor technical adjustments to fees for some citizenship services. The proposals will change the fees that apply to some citizenship services and will introduce new fees for other services. There is no proposal to change the application fee for the grant of New Zealand citizenship.

For further information please see Consultation on Consultation on Proposed Fees for Citizenship and Birth Certificates.

Processing Times for the Grant of Citizenship
Due to high demand for the grant of citizenship, processing times are longer than normal. Currently, it is taking approximately 8 months from the time you send us your application, to the time you are advised of the outcome. For further information see Frequently Asked Questions - Citizenship Application Waiting Times.

Changes to Citizenship by Birth in New Zealand from 2006
Until the end of 2005, most children born in New Zealand (or in the Cook Islands, Niue or Tokelau) are automatically New Zealand citizens at birth (with few exceptions).

From 1 January 2006, children born in New Zealand (or in the Cook Islands, Niue or Tokelau) will acquire New Zealand citizenship at birth only if at least one of their parents:
  • is a New Zealand citizen; or
  • has permanent residency (i.e. is entitled to be in New Zealand or Australia indefinitely); or
  • is entitled to reside indefinitely in the Cook Islands, Tokelau or Niue.
For further information see the Changes to Citizenship by Birth in New Zealand from 2006 Frequently Asked Questions.

Citizenship Amendment Act 2005
The Citizenship Amendment Act 2005 came into effect on 21 April 2005. As a result of this legislation there have been some important changes to the requirements for New Zealand citizenship. For further information see Important Notices.

Information Matching
Information you supply to us may be used by other government agencies to allow more effective verification of information and help assess your eligibility for various services. Information matching is carried out under the authority of, and consistent with Part 10 of the Privacy Act 1993 and is monitored by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.
Citizenship Application Forms
Please see the application form downloads below. Once the form is downloaded to your computer, you can print it, then complete it using a pen and return the form and accompanying material to our office.

Application forms on this website are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. You need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view or download the form. You can download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader from the
Adobe site.

Please note, if you choose to print the 'Application guide for a Grant of New Zealand Citizenship' it can use a large quantity of ink, due to it's size of 28 pages. Alternatively hard copy versions of these forms or application guide are available from the Citizenship Office.

Note: As of 1 October 2005, the fee for the translation of documents is NZ$45.00 per document.
Relevant Law and Policy
(Search statutes by alphabetical listing)
Citizenship Act 1977, and subsequent amendments
Citizenship Act (Western Samoa) 1982
Citizenship Grants Policy Manual

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