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Useful Links

This page provides a selection of useful links to other websites related to Internet safety, censorship and child safety issues, including some interactive sites for children.

All links and references to other websites, organisations or people not within the Department of Internal Affairs are provided for the user's convenience only, and should not be taken as endorsement of those websites, or of the information contained in those websites, nor of organisations or people referred to. The Department of Internal Affairs also does not implicitly or impliedly endorse any website, organisation or people who have off-site links to this website. See our Copyright information.

Educational Resources for Schools and Parents

The New Zealand Internet Safety Group
Latest news, research and a resource kit for schools from the New Zealand-based Internet Safety Group.

How to keep safe in chatrooms. Information for kids, parents and teachers from Childnet International.

The Librarian's Guide to Cyberspace
The American Library Association's guide to cyberspace for parents and kids.
Yahooligans! Parents' Guide
Parental resources and related websites for safe surfing with your family.


Young New Zealanders' Foundation (Internet Safety):
New Zealand info on web filtering software reproduced from NetGuide magazine for the Safer Streets Trust website.

Interactive Websites for Kids

Cyberkidz Cyberkidz Cyberkidz
New Zealand online safety site for children. Includes information, puzzles, links and stories.

Disney Surfswell Disney Surfswell
Have fun learning Internet safety and protocol with this animated interactive game from Disney Online.

Disney Cybersafety Web Mania Disney Cybersafety
Three interactive comic stories that teach important lessons of Internet safety from Disney Online.

The Daily Planet OnlineThe Daily Planet Online
Superman's rules for Internet safety in an online version of Clark Kent's newspaper courtesy of DC comics.

Something To Think About
Be Safe! Not Sorry! A story about online safety.

Local and Overseas Child Safety Organisations

Ecpat New Zealand
ECPAT NZ works to ensure that children are protected both nationally and internationally against commercial sexual exploitation.

National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children
Success stories from the U.S. National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children.

Internet Watch Foundation
The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) is a British industry-led initiative set up in 1996 to address the problem of illegal material on the Internet, particularly child pornography. It implements proposals jointly agreed by the UK government, the UK police, and the two major UK service provider trade associations, ISPA and LINX.

Internet Content Rating Association
An independent, non-profit organization with offices in the US and Europe. ICRA's aim is to protect children from potentially harmful material while protecting the free speech rights of content providers, by operating its own a website labelling system.

.Kidsdomains, inc.
.Kids Domains, Inc. promotes the development of a complete network of kid-friendly websites located at .kids domain addresses. Their goal is to organise and support a community of kid-friendly websites, dedicated to children under the age of 13, that provide an interesting, educational, fun, and growing experience.

Childnet International
Childnet is a non-profit organisation working around the world to help make the Internet a great place for children. The site gives details of various projects in the four key areas of access, awareness, protection and policy.

New Zealand Government Links

The Office of Film and Literature Classification

Protecting Our Innocence (Ministry of Justice 2002)
New Zealand's National Plan of Action Against the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, produced by the Ministry of Justice in February 2002. This is a comprehensive examination of the four main activities that exploit children for their commercial value: child prostitution, child pornography, child sex tourism and child trafficking for sexual purposes. It also details some of the laws, social policies, administrative measures and programmes which have been developed to respond to child abuse and exploitation in general.

New Zealand Police

New Zealand Customs Service

Commissioner for Children
The Office of the Commissioner for Children was established under the Children, Young Persons and Their Families Act 1989 to monitor and review policy and practice under the Act, and promote the welfare of children and young people and ensure that their rights are recognised.

Ministry of Justice
The Ministry of Justice provides strategic and policy advice across the justice sector. The Ministry of Justice administers the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993, while the Department of Internal Affairs enforces it.

Ministry of Youth Development
The Ministry of Youth Development promotes the interests of young people aged between 12 and 24 years inclusive. MYD encourages and assists the involvement of young people in the social, educational, economic and cultural development of New Zealand, both locally and nationally.

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