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Funding For Community Groups

This part of our website gives you information about gaming machine societies that distribute grants to community groups.
How to apply

Application forms are available from societies, some community networks like Citizens’ Advice Bureaux and gaming machine venues.

From 1 January 2003, venues must have application forms openly available near gaming machines without you having to ask staff or managers for a copy. The venue must not put any restrictions or conditions on your access to the application forms.

You must send your application directly to the society and not through a venue. Also, the society must deal with you directly and not communicate with you through the venue.

How to contact gaming machine societies

Use the map or the links below to access the contact addresses of gaming machine societies in your area and around New Zealand.

Please note: The information available on this page does not provide details of all gaming machine societies. Only those gaming machine societies that invite grant applications from the public are listed. Clubs operating gaming machines generally do not make grants to the public. Instead, they use gaming machine funds for club purposes which are authorised purposes under the
Gambling Act 2003. If you require statistical information about all gaming machine societies, check the statistics pages on this website, or email your request to Gaming Licensing.

Glossary of terms

Societies: These are the organisations that own and operate gaming machines and make grants to non-profit community organisations.

Venues: (formerly 'Sites') These are the pubs and other venues where gaming machines are located. They do not own the machines and must not be involved in decisions about who can apply for grants, who receives them or how much the grant should be.

Authorised purposes: These are the purposes for which societies can make grants. Different societies have different authorised purposes, but all must benefit the community. You can find out about each society’s authorised purposes by clicking on a region on the map below.

This information is updated regularly.

 Southland West Coast Otago Canterbury Nelson/Marlborough Wellington Manawatu/Wanganui Taranaki Hawke's Bay Gisborne Bay of Plenty Waikato Auckland Northland All NZ Northland



Bay of Plenty


Hawkes Bay






West Coast



If you have difficulties getting an application form or believe that a venue or society has broken the rules, you can contact the Department’s Gaming Compliance offices:

Freephone: 0800 257 887

Ph: 09 362 7938
Fax: 09 362 7945
PO Box 2220

Ph: 04 494 0700
Fax: 04 495 7214
PO Box 805

Ph: 03 353 8303
Fax 03 353 8309
PO Box 1308

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