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STV around the world

STV is in use in number of countries, for Parliamentary and local government elections. Here are links to some sites that contain information about STV. Some of these sites are strongly in favour of STV. In linking to these sites, we are not indicating support for any views they may express. The Department of Internal Affairs has a neutral position on the merits of any particular voting system.
  • Please note that various forms of STV are in use in different places. New Zealand STV is a variation on the Meek’s method which is a little different to the forms of STV you will see on these sites.
Links to websites with further information about Single Transferable Vote electoral systems:

  • Elections ACT: An independent statutory authority responsible for conducting elections and referendums for the Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly.


New Zealand

Northern Ireland

Republic of Ireland

United Kingdom

United States of America

  • Accurate Democracy: This organisation's website states that it explains improvements for democracy in any size from schoolroom to nation, and at all steps from nominating candidates to allocating funds.

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