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Casino and Non-Casino Gaming

  • The Gambling Act 2003 repeals the Casino Control Act 1990 and the Gaming and Lotteries Act 1977 and integrates them into a single Act. Racing continues to be administered under the Racing Act 2003 (with some exceptions, such as gaming machine operations in TABs and racing clubs).
  • Gambits (Gaming Compliance newsletter)
  • Regulatory Impact Statements
    Regulatory Impact and Business Cost Compliance Statements relating to regulations made under the Gambling Act 2003.
  • Gaming Machine Statistics
    - Society, site and gaming machine numbers
    - Percentage of gaming machines by society
    - Percentage of gaming machine sites by society
    - Gaming machine numbers
    - Gaming machine sites and numbers by region reported by societies
    - Gaming expenditure statistics (racing, New Zealand Lotteries Commission, gaming machines (outside casinos) and casinos)
  • Funding for Community Groups - contact addresses of gaming machine societies that distribute grants to community groups.

    (Please note: This information does not include all gaming machine societies. Only those gaming machine societies which invite grant applications from the public are listed. Clubs operating gaming machines generally do not make grants to the public. Instead, they use gaming machine funds for club purposes which are authorised purposes under the Gaming and Lotteries Act. If you require statistical information about all gaming machine societies, check the statistics pages on this website, or email your request to Gaming Compliance.)

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