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Local Government Act 2002

8 New Local Government Related Acts

LGA 2002 Latest News

You and Your Council - New Ways Of Getting Involved

Local Government Information Project

Local Government Act 2002 - Implementation and Public Information

Local Government Act Review

Local Government Cabinet Papers

Synopsis of Submissions

Consultation Document

Local Electoral Review

Local Government Act 1974

Statement of Policy Direction

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Local Government Act 2002 - Implementation and Public Information

Department of Internal Affairs Information

The Department is currently working on material for general public release that describes the changes in local government as a result of the new Act and its impact for communities. Further information will be posted on this site as this project progresses.

Local Government KnowHow

LG KnowHow is a joint work programme by Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ), the Society of Local Government Managers (SOLGM), and the Department of Internal Affairs, to provide councils with the guidance, templates, "good practice" advice and ongoing training that will enable them to implement the new Local Government and Rating Acts successfully.

Local Government KnowHow - Guides

RatingJuly 2002
Decision MakingFebruary 2003
GovernanceFebruary 2003
The Local Government Act: An OverviewMay 2003
Regulation and EnforcementApril 2003
Assessments of Water and Sanitary ServicesMay 2003
Development Contributions Under the Local Government ActJune 2003

Further information on the purchase of these guides can be found at the Local Government New Zealand website –

Council Planning Documents

The link below presents a table showing which councils have currently indicated whether they are producing a long-term council community plan or a transitional annual plan for the 2003/04 financial year. We will endeavor to keep the table up to date as more information comes to hand. The table is current (to best information) as at 2 April 2003.

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