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STV Steering Committee - 17 March 2004

Key messages from the STV Steering Committee meeting on 17 March 2004:

New focus for Steering Committee
The STV calculators have been certified by KPMG and the focus of the STV Steering Committee now moves to the public information campaign.

Terms of Reference
The Committee has new terms of reference to reflect this change in focus.

Welcome to Te Puni Kökiri
The Steering Committee's membership has changed to reflect the new focus on public information. The committee welcomes, Janet Carson, Principal of Communications at Te Puni Kokiri.

Communications Adviser Appointed
Julia Napier has taken up the position of STV Communications Adviser in the Department of Internal Affairs. Julia's role is to implement the liaise with the organisations (Ministry of Health, SOLGM, LGNZ and others) that are also involved in publicity about the local government elections.

Registration of Interest for Information Campaign
The Department has released a request for advertising companies to register their interest in running the STV public information campaign.

Objective of Project
The Department of Internal Affairs' project has a specific focus - to run a national public information campaign about STV. The campaign has a number of objectives:
  • Electors are aware that the STV voting system is being used in all DHB and some council elections in 2004
  • Electors understand how to cast a vote under STV
  • Electors have a basic understanding of how STV votes are counted
  • The public has access to in-depth information about STV on demand

There are other organisations with an interest in other aspects of the local government elections in October 2004, such as encouraging people to stand as candidates and urging people to ensure their name is on the electoral roll.

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