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Regulation and Compliance Branch

The role of the Regulation and Compliance Branch is to ensure that gaming is fair, honest and lawful; and uphold community standards of censorship, including regulating the possession and supply of objectionable material.

The Branch consists of the following business groups:

Censorship Compliance is responsible for inspections of videos, films, books and magazines, and electronic media sites under the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993. The group investigates public complaints, issues official warnings and instigates prosecutions where necessary.

Gambling Compliance ensures there is compliance with the Gambling Act 2003. This is done by providing education and information to gambling operators and gamblers; licensing gambling activities; auditing, investigating and monitoring gambling activities; and enforcing gaming regulations, minimum operating standards and game rules.

Local Government Services this group services the Local Government Commission, appoints the Harbourmaster of Lake Taupo and administers a number of offshore islands.

Gaming Racing and Censorship Policy delivers policy advice to the Minister of Racing and the Minister of Internal Affairs. This involves the provision of information; development of policy advice and legislation; preparing briefings and speech notes; providing support for Ministers in Cabinet committees, select committees and the House; and drafting replies to ministerial correspondence, Official Information Act requests, enquiries from the Ombudsman, and parliamentary questions.

Fire and Identity Policy delivers policy advice to the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Minister responsible for the New Zealand Fire Service Commission. This group undertakes the same policy functions as above for the fire and identity services, which includes citizenship and passports.

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