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Executive Government Support - Te Pouroto Kawanatanga

Executive Government Support provides Ministers with a range of services that assist in the smooth operation of New Zealand's executive government, facilitates visits by Guests of Government, provides a translation service that is available to Ministers and the general public, publishes the New Zealand Gazette and administers commissions of inquiry as and when required.

Ministerial Services

Ministerial Services provides the Prime Minister and the Executive (Ministers of the Crown) with a range of support services. These include administrative, accounting, personnel, information technology, facilities management, residential property and advisory services and the VIP Transport Service. Ministerial Services is responsible for employing all staff in ministerial offices.

The VIP Transport Service provides a chauffeur-driven service and a fleet of self-drive vehicles, mainly for Ministers. Other customers include present and former Governors-General, Prime Ministers and their spouses, the Leader of the Opposition, judges, and visiting dignitaries.

Media and Communications

The Media and Communications unit provides Ministers of the Crown and their staff with media-monitoring services, desktop publishing and audio-visual presentation facilities, and administers the Executive Government website. It also provides communications advice and support including cellphones and pagers and associated communication technology.

The Authentication Unit

The Authentication Unit administers the authentication of official New Zealand documents for use in other countries in co-operation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and New Zealand's international diplomatic posts, including Apostille Certification.

The New Zealand Gazette Office

The New Zealand Gazette Office publishes the official newspaper of the New Zealand Government, the New Zealand Gazette. The principal edition is published every Thursday. Other editions include the customs edition (published weekly), professional and trade lists (published annually), and special editions and supplements.

Translation Service

The Translation Service offers translation services in more than 70 different languages. It has a clientele which includes Ministers of the Crown, government departments and private individuals. The Translation Service has a special link with the Citizenship section of Identity Services, as one of the four recognised agencies in New Zealand providing translations acceptable for citizenship purposes. The service is a stand-alone business under the Public Finance Act 1989.

Visits and Ceremonial Office

The Visits and Ceremonial Office organises and coordinates visits of guests of government, state or ministerial functions and ceremonies, visits of members of the Royal Family, and state and official funerals. It also organises national commemorative events, such as Anzac Day. In addition, the Visits and Ceremonial Office is responsible for protocol, and provides the congratulatory message service and the flag hire service.

Executive Government Support also services Commissions of Inquiry.

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