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Statement of Intent 2006-09

Annual Report 2005

Statement of Intent 2005

Annual Reports

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Annual Reports

The following documents are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format unless otherwise stated. To read these documents you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download a free version from the Adobe site. Hard copy versions of all documents are available from the Department at:

Annual Report 2004/2005:

Department of Internal Affairs Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 2005 (cover)

Annual Report 2003/2004: Annual Report 2002/2003: Download 2003 Annual Report by section:
  • Contents (and Guide to Output Classes) 68k
  • Part One: Overview 163k (Chief Executive's Overview, Our Organisation, Our Business, Governance.)
  • Part Two: The Year in Review 508k (Introduction, Fostering Community, Citizenship and Democracy, Assuring the Integrity of Identity and Official Information, Enhancing Safety in Communities, Reducing Inequalities, Capability, Equal Employment Opportunities.)
  • Part Three: Performance Information 291k (Introduction, Statement of Responsibility, Report of the Auditor-General, Performance Measures.)
  • Part Four: Financial Information 570k (Statement of Accounting Policies, Statement of Financial Performance, Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Cash Flows, Reconciliation of Net Surplus to Net Cash Flow from Operating Activities, Statement of Movements in Taxpayer's Funds, Statement of Commitments, Statement of Contingent Assets and Liabilities, Statement of Unnappropriated Expenditure, Memorandum Accounts, Statement of Departmental Appropriations and Expenditutre, Notes to the Financial Statements, Summary of Departmental Financial Results, Non-Departmental Statement of Accounting Policies, Non-Departmental Financial Statements and Schedules, Schedule of Non-Departmental Expenses, Statement of Non-Departmental Expenditure and Appropriations, Schedule of Non-Departmental Assets, Schedule of Non-Departmental Liabilities, Schedule of Non-Departmental Commitments, Schedule of Non-Departmental Contingent Assets and Liabilities, Notes to the Non-Departmental Financial Statements, Statement of Trust Money Administered on Behalf of the Crown.)
  • Part Five: Other Information 110k (Terms Used, Legislation We Administer, Office Locations, Contact Details.)

Annual Report 2001/2002: Download by section:
Annual Report 2000/2001:
Download by section:
Annual Report 1999/2000:

Annual Report 1998/1999

Annual Report 1996/1997

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