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STV Steering Committee - 29 August 2003

Key messages from the Steering Committee meeting on 29 August 2003:

STV Calculator
The main STV Calculator, developed by CGNZ, is undergoing audit by PwC. Once the audit is completed, the STV Calculator will be submitted to KPMG for certification. The audit has picked up a number of minor problems, which have been fixed, and the STV Implementation team expects to deliver the final version of the STV Calculator on time by the end of September.

Draft Communications Strategy
The Department of Internal Affairs has developed a draft communications strategy for the public information campaign about STV for the 2004 local authority elections. This will be developed further in consultation with the local government sector, the Ministry of Health, Te Puni Kokiri and other relevant organisations.

Ministry of Health Update
The Ministry of Health has been discussing with electoral officers plans for the provision of electoral services. The Ministry is also working with District Health Boards about a range of issues, including whether DHB elections should be in constituencies or "at large". (Under "at large" structures, voters would elect board members on a DHB-wide basis.)

Amendments to the Local Electoral Regulations should be in place by the end of October. Most of the regulations are technical matters related to the counting of votes under New Zealand STV. This will not delay the release of the main STV Calculator to local authorities and DHBs before the end of September, although formal certification will not be in place at that time.

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