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People's Participation in, and Attitudes Towards Gambling 1985-2000

This report is the fourth in a survey series that was first undertaken in 1985, prior to the introduction of Lotto.

The survey series examines people's participation gaming activities in New Zealand, looking at:
  • frequency of participation
  • expenditure on gaming
  • reasons for playing
  • beliefs about the gaming activities.

The survey series also investigates public attitudes to gaming. This research looks at:
  • factors that people think should guide gaming legislation
  • desirability of gaming activities
  • where the profits from gaming activities go
  • definition of worthy causes for the receipt of gaming profits.

The series looks at new forms of gaming, prior to their introduction or up-take in New Zealand. This year, the report looks at the prevalence of Internet-based gaming activity and public attitudes to Internet-based gaming.

The survey has been updated at five-yearly intervals since 1985 with surveys conducted in 1990, 1995 and now 2000.

The report presents the findings from a randomly selected sample of 1,500 people aged 15 years and over living in private households, who were interviewed face-to-face between June and July 2000.

You can download the report as one document or select the section you want, below. If you want a hard copy of the full report please send your name and address to:
Ph: (04)495-9406

Download the Report
The complete Report and sections of the Report are available below as .pdf format downloads. To read or print these documents, you need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download a free version from the Adobe site.

Download the document you want in .pdf format by clicking on a link below:

Full report of People's Participation in, and Attitudes Towards Gambling 1985-2000: Final Results From the 2000 Survey 1.0m

To download selected sections only, click on the sections you wish to download:
- Types of gaming activities played
- Number of gaming activities
- Frequency of playing gaming activities
- Reasons for participation
- Beliefs about gaming activities
- Lotto
- Daily Keno
- Instant Kiwi or other scratch tickets
- TeleBingo
- Housie
- Horse or dog races
- Sports-betting
- Non-casino gaming machines
- Casinos
- Factors to guide gaming legislation
- Worthy causes
- Distribution of gaming profits
- Public awareness of Funding Agencies
- How many gaming operators should there be?
- Age restrictions
- Desirability of gaming activities
- Advertising of gaming activities
- Gambling problems
- Access and knowledge of the Internet
- Participation in Internet-based gaming activities
- Non-participation in Internet-based gaming activities
- Interest in future participation in Internet-based gaming

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