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Statement of Policy Direction

The Statement of Policy Direction for the Review of the Local Government Act 1974 was released by the Minister for Local Government in November 2000.

Copies of this can be printed or downloaded from here (.pdf format), or obtained free from the Department of Internal Affairs:

Department of Internal Affairs
Local Government Policy Group
P O Box 805
Fax: (04) 495-7270

Statement of Policy Direction

To view this version of the document (.pdf file 33k) you must have Adobe Acrobat reader. This can be downloaded for free from the Adobe site.

Statement of Policy Direction for the Review of the Local Government Act 1974
Synopsis: This document provides a brief outline of the approach being taken towards the development of a new Local Government Act (LGA). The aim of the review is to achieve a new statute which:

  • reflects a coherent overall strategy on local government
  • will involve a move to a more broadly empowering legislative framework under which local authorities can meet the needs of their communities
  • involves the development of a partnership relationship between central and local government
  • clarifies local government's relationship with the Treaty.
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