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Youth Worker Training Scheme

To encourage the development of training opportunities for youth workers thereby contributing to increasing the quality of youth work practices in New Zealand.

The Scheme provides small grants to meet informal training needs of youth workers and their employing agencies. The Youth Worker Training Scheme has achieved extensive training for youth workers nationally since it was established in 1985.

Funding available
Each year $200,000 is distributed. This is split among five regions (Auckland, Central North Island, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin). Some regions distribute their entire funding in a single round, while others hold funding to be distributed as training events become available throughout the year. Where to apply.

Who can apply
A youth worker in the context of the scheme is defined as someone who, paid or unpaid, assists young people to identify and meet their needs and aspirations and make a satisfactory transition to adult life. A youth worker is concerned with the total wellbeing of a young person, not just one aspect of the person's life (such as sport) and the young people involved choose to associate themselves with the activities offered.

Applications are only taken through regional Local Government and Community Offices of the Department of Internal Affairs. Applications will only be considered from groups that have their own legal status (such as Incorporated Societies or Charitable Trusts) or come under the umbrella of a group that has its own legal status.

What can be funded
Priority will be given to:
  • training events which are open to all of the youth workers in an area
  • courses or seminars which provide certificates of attendance or other recognition of training covered
  • training tailored to the needs of youth workers and appropriate to gender and culture
  • groups which lack access to other training funds.

Applications can be considered for costs associated with hui, course fees, food (for residential courses), tutors, publicity, venue costs, and travel to national training events.

The scheme does not fund:
  • overseas travel;
  • long-term courses of study at universities or polytechs;
  • retrospective applications;
  • projects seeking to promote commercial, political or religious objectives, including
    • political advocacy projects,
    • employment or business initiatives or
    • commercial enterprises.

Who makes the decision
Applications are considered by Local Government and Community Branch staff of the Department of Internal Affairs. If you are funded by Y.W.T.S. you will have to:
  • sign a letter of agreement about how the money will be spent
  • complete a Certificate of Expenditure including a brief evaluation of the training.

For further information contact your nearest regional offices.

The achievement of objectives for projects funded under this scheme will be measured through evaluation.

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