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Emergency Travel Document

Emergency Travel Document (ETD)

New Zealand overseas posts (Embassies, Consulates and High Commissions) no longer issue New Zealand passports. This facility has been replaced by the issuance of the Emergency Travel Document (ETD). The ETD is a short-term, machine-readable travel document issued to New Zealanders overseas, in emergency and compassionate situations when they need to travel and do not have a valid passport.

If you need to travel urgently and you are in New Zealand, Australia or the United Kingdom, you should submit an urgent application to the nearest New Zealand Passport Office. Please complete the 'Application for a New Zealand Passport' form that corresponds to the office you are submitting the application. You can contact the Passport Office by phone if you require urgent assistance. Please note: Do not use the ETD form for applications lodged in New Zealand, Australia or the United Kingdom.

In all other locations where the need to travel is urgent, you can apply for an ETD at the nearest New Zealand Embassy, Consulate or High Commission. Applicants should use the form: Application for a New Zealand Emergency Travel Document (ETD). If your need to travel is not urgent, you should apply to the nearest New Zealand Passport Office for a full validity passport. Please note: To be eligible for an ETD you must have previously held a New Zealand passport. All first-time applicants must apply for a full validity passport from the nearest New Zealand Passport Office.

The ETD fee includes the cost of a new full-validity replacement passport. To receive your replacement passport, you must submit a completed passport application form to a New Zealand Passport Office (New Zealand, Sydney or London) before the expiry date of the ETD. Please include your ETD and two new passport photos with your application. If your application is received after the expiry of the ETD, then a full passport application fee is required.

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