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Passports - Uruwhenua

How to Apply for a New Zealand Passport

Photographic Requirements

Passports for Children

Preventing Children Being Taken from New Zealand

Lost or Stolen Passports

Emergency Travel Document

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Passports - Uruwhenua

Service overview

The New Zealand Passports Office issues passports to New Zealand citizens in accordance with the
Passports Act 1992. Except as provided in the Act, every New Zealand citizen is entitled as of right to a New Zealand passport. It takes ten working days to process a standard application, or three working days if you use our urgent service. Please note: The processing time begins when we receive a correctly completed application and we have all the information we need to issue a passport. Extra time should be allowed for delivery to and from the Passport Office.

The Passport Application Form must be completed in full if:
  • You are applying for a passport for the first time, or
  • You wish to replace your current passport, or
  • Your passport has expired, or
  • Your passport has been lost or stolen.
The fees and requirements for passport applications are different depending on whether: All applicants must give their full name, date and place of birth, current address, and details of any passport previously held. Applicants must also provide two suitable passport photos, which must be certified as a true likeness by their identity witness.

For further information and application forms click on the relevant links below:
Changes to New Zealand Passport Fee
As of 4 November 2005 the fees for New Zealand passports and travel documents have changed. The new fees are detailed in the tables below. For further information about the fee changes and the processing of passport applications please see the Passport Fee Changes 2005 Frequently Asked Questions.

Lodged in New Zealand
Standard Service
(ten working days)
Urgent Service
(three working days)
Callout Service
Child (under 16 years)NZ$80.00NZ$230.00NZ$580.00
New Zealand Certificate of Identity NZ$80.00
New Zealand Refugee Travel Document NZ$80.00

Lodged in Australia
Standard Service
(ten working days)
Urgent Service
(three working days)
Callout Service
Child (under 16 years)A$83.00A$245.00A$543.00

Lodged in United Kingdom
Standard Service
(ten working days)
Urgent Service
(three working days)
Callout Service
Child (under 16 years)GBP32.00GBP94.00GBP207.00

Travel to Other Countries
For information on entry requirements into other countries you should contact that country's representative in New Zealand (i.e. Embassy, Consulate or High Commission), or in the country in which you reside.

Application Forms
In order to download and print passport application forms from this website you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download this from the Adobe site.

Once you have accessed and printed the form, complete the necessary information in pen and send the required accompanying material to the Passport Office. Please note that application forms must be handwritten. The Passport Office will not process forms completed on a computer. Hard copy versions of the forms are available from the Passport Office.

Application Form Downloads If you cannot download a form, or would like a paper form sent to you, please contact us.

Relevant law
Passports Act 1992 and subsequent amendments - (Search statutes by alphabetical listing).

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