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Information We Provide

Casino and Non-Casino Gaming

Censorship Compliance

Community Development

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Information We Provide

Below is an index of links to information we provide in the following areas:


The Department of Internal Affairs casino and non-casino gaming services help keep gambling in New Zealand fair and honest. The Gaming Licensing Office licenses all non-casino gaming and issues certificates of approval for casino employees. The Gaming Compliance Office audits and investigates non-casino gaming activities. The Casino Inspectorate monitors all casino gaming activities.

More information

  • Gambits (Gaming Compliance newsletter)
  • Gaming Review Cabinet Papers
    Cabinet papers and minutes on the New Zealand Gaming Review released 22 November 2001.

  • Gaming Machine Statistics
    - Society, site and gaming machine numbers
    - Percentage of gaming machines by society
    - Percentage of gaming machine sites by society
    - Gaming machine numbers 1988-2002
    - Gaming machine sites and numbers by region reported by societies
    - Gaming expenditure statistics (racing, New Zealand Lotteries Commission, gaming machines (outside casinos) and casinos

  • Licence Conditions for Gaming Machine Operators - effective from 1 October 2002
    - Set A - Single Site Club (Licence Conditions/Guidelines)
    - Set B - Public Premises Single and Multi Site (Licence Conditions/Guidelines)


Censorship in New Zealand is intended to protect people from material that is injurious to the public good. New Zealand's censorship regime is governed by the
Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993.

If you are concerned that something you have seen may be objectionable or should be classified, then you should contact:
More information
Local Government and Communuity

Communuity Development Resources
Local Government Resources Guidelines for Running a Commission of Inquiry

Although not intended as a substitute for legal advice, Setting Up and Running Commissions of Inquiry will assist everyone involved in a Commission of Inquiry, ranging from politicians who must decide when a Commission is appropriate through to members of the public who wish to attend or study Commissions of Inquiry.

Setting Up and Running Commissions of Inquiry is available:

Other Publications

Link here to Department of Internal Affairs Publications Index

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