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STV Steering Committee - 18 Dec 2002

Key messages from the Steering Committee meeting on 18 December 2002:

Development of a risk strategy - the risk of both the main and back-up STV Calculators failing is extremely small. However, a risk strategy to address this unlikely event will be developed during 2003. The electoral officers forum, scheduled for October/November 2003, will provide an ideal opportunity for discussion of a draft risk strategy.

Confirmation of funding in 2002/03 for Calculator deployment - Cabinet has agreed to additional funding of $321,000 in 2002/03 to allow the Department to undertake further work on the STV Calculator. Cabinet has also asked the Department, in consultation with the Ministry of Health, to report by 28 February 2003 with options for charging users of the STV Calculator, and with information on the ownership and patenting of the intellectual property of it.

XML specifications - MSI Business Systems Ltd has been confirmed to write the XML specification for the STV Calculator interfaces. (Link here for further detail on the STV Calculator)

Registration of Interest - a request for registrations of interest for updating the STV Calculator was issued via the Government Electronic Tenders Service and, at the time of the meeting, had been viewed by over 100 companies. Two responses had been received.

Meeting with SOLGM Electoral Working Party - Ariadna Motus and Malcolm Stayner of the STV Implementation Team had attended the meeting of the SOLGM Electoral Working Party on 9 December and gave a presentation on the STV Implementation project and progress on the Calculator.

Website Updates - information on the STV Calculator was sent to electoral officers on 10 December and was also placed on the website. The meeting agreed that key messages from each meeting would also be put on the website.

Progress on schedule - the meeting noted that the STV Implementation project is progressing in accordance with the timeline the team has developed.

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