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The New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs - Te Tari Taiwhenua

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New Zealand's Department of Internal Affairs issues passports; administers civil unions; registers births, deaths and marriages; administers citizenship applications; ensures gambling is fair, legal and honest; enforces censorship law and promotes internet safety; contributes to community development by administering Lottery Grants, Community Grants Schemes, Grants Online and Trusts; and provides support services and policy advice for Ministers of the Crown. We are home to the Office of Ethnic Affairs, Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management,and the Local Government Commission. The Department's present activities include implementation of dog control legislation and a dog safety campaign, implementation of the Local Government Act 2002 and providing information on local councils.

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The Department of Internal Affairs serves and connects citizens, communities and government to build a strong, safe nation. We support executive and local government. We are committed to meeting our obligations under the treaty of Waitangi.  We value and respect our diverse cultures. We are committed to meeting our obligations under the Treaty of Waitangi. We value and respect our diverse cultures.

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